Coffee Talk


It it great

It knows how to weave your way,

And floods the air with happy omens

A vibrant glance clears clouds away,

Makes its way through crowded eyes

An emotional lawn takes us on an adventure,

I carefully poured my dreams into the cup

Sips of coffee made my smile sweeter,

My heart stood straight like a tightly held flower

Savoring soft, sweet sips is like a musical symphony,

Sparks a gripping desire to create a sensational rhapsody

Hours slowly moved ahead like a waving flag,

I swayed up and down to excavate complexities

The sight of brewing coffee is a fulfilling promise,

To look back and again relish the passing time

In a cup of coffee, I swallowed your entire history,

And my mighty pen stole blank papers to spill…

Harshada Pathare

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