Love Bearer

Love Bearer

I will carry the scent of love,

To far-off places and distant shores

Overcoming the languid heat and storms,

Cracking cold seasons and torrential rains

Leaving behind a trail for lovers to venture,

Creating another breed to inspire emotions

I love to be an honest medium to write stories,

And create the most romantic love journal to read

Spreading love over long stretches of sand and snow,

Crossing fences and trenches to spout mortal boundaries

Pulling millstones of love to grind to finer particles,

Whirling love-dust on fields and gardens to bloom

Sending sparks of life to rekindle ashes of love,

Opening the seal to share miraculous secrets

I am inspiring people to blossom in all seasons,

Like love that never knows any beginnings or ends

Half of the world is now lost in the delight of fragrance,

For the other half, I am still carrying in my dusty palms,

The musk that bears fragrance from where love originates

Harshada Pathare

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