About me

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Author and Contrarian Thinker, Harshada Pathare creates connections via art. 

Her purpose:  Elevate the common story one word at a time. 

Her style: Learning to create an open dialogue between heart and mind. 

My writing is the result of thinking, and my thoughts are the upshot of experience. I try never to forget the importance of that particular sequence. No matter the genre or style in question, writers—the real ones—share one thing in common: they’re curious. 

Not by trade. By nature and have to dig it all.


A writer loves the sound of the voice in her heart. 

She turns intuition and insights into letters, then words and finally powerful sentences that enriches and transforms the readers.

 A true writer has a drive to relatively put herself in the mind of her reader and connects to the energy around her, in turn creating an “Eternal work of literature.”

This is a true definition of a writer.

This is the true definition of Harshada Pathare.

And I am Harshada Pathare…


Who am I?

My Personality

I am an optimistic individual unbounded by the traditional conventions yet having an immense knowledge of our Indian culture, spirituality and Vedic mythology. Full of a vibrant personality, I solely believe in the power of empathy, trying to understand things from the point of view of others.  I am in love with the freedom of wilderness, something my soul deeply longs to cherish and it often make me believe that this wildness invokes strength, empathy, creativity and spiritual oneness within me.

Emphasizing more on the practicalities of life, I draw realistic information or conclusions about people, value systems, cultural confluences, life circumstances, social upheaval and employ these in my writings of true stories, articles, quotes to empower my readers.

Communication is interesting, and conversing with people in an endearing style according to their ideas, knowledge, and competence fascinates me. A progressive mind-set always motivates me to move forward and focus on solution-building.

Proud to be a Gemini, an embodiment of vitality and flashing intellect, I fully leverage my skills to create a sustainable work of literature.


Being a writer I understand the capacity of words to strengthen, to eviscerate, and elevate a man. Over the years, I have learned from my sojourns as to how to nurture creativity, kindle my imagination and create my own style of celebrations. Imagination, strong individuality and uniqueness are my distinct traits that have motivated me to embrace bold and creative ideas instead of continuing with the existing thought patterns.

Learning from experiences in life has gained a meteoric rise in my personal growth and self-development which will inevitably confer excellence upon me. The congregated excellence will brim on the surface in form of written words, shining mightier than diamonds, and will live eternally in the minds of readers.

Read what inspires me and why

My Passion

As a phenomenal writer, I will always give my heart and my soul to literature and I promise to give it in all of my writings. The realization of my passion consistently spawns an unwavering drive to set a universal example for love, empowerment and compassion. Be it a true story, article, poem, video or a single quote, I have learned to inculcate my trademark skills of rationality, commitment, creativity and discipline which brings out the best in each of my works making it a remarkable and sustainable piece of written work.

Sometimes, it astonishes people as to how a vibrant and modern woman like me defines spiritual concepts and philosophies in such a holistic way recapturing the spiritual essence in my writings on my iThink blog like ‘SHIVA: THE PIONEER OF DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION’, ‘MAHABHARATA: AN INNOVATIVE ANALYSIS NEVER DONE BEFORE’, ‘KNOW YOURSELF AS A CREATIVE BEING.’

The only way to create a strong bond with today’s page-turners is through fresh and vibrant writings and engaging them more with innovative topics.

Poems convey a deep feeling of passion which cannot be expressed through prosaic language as they speak inner emotions, read some of my poems on Iexpress Blog.

Passionate writing originates from within; by staying true to my inner self and my readers, I aim to bring more writings to life every day. I infuse true life experiences in my stories blog – Iwrite that make us feel alive, feel creative, and feel emotional. By stimulating readers to dive into their natural ingenuity, I tap into their minds by simply connecting to their emotions and eventually leading to a dialogue of heart and mind.

The magnitude of my thinking abilities to absorb and derive astute thoughts from the tiniest of incidences steers my way to become an enhanced thought-expert.

To revive your wavering intellectual curiosity, meet my Ithink blog, one of the most intellectual place on the web.

My Writings

My Hobbies

Seduced by the ecstatic beauty of nature, I love to travel in my own way, listen to people’s folktales, amusing beliefs and strange rituals. It becomes easy for me to establish a good rapport with rural and urban people, thanks to my good communication skills and self-motivating personality.

Photography is not about clicking, it is loving and all about loving something so deeply that you want to hold it forever in your lens. I am sharing my love of photography on Instagram …. Keep loving! Keep Clicking