“Just trust the love sent by the universe to you and believe me that love will create wonders for you…you never thought of in real life or in wild imagination.”

As infinite love surges within me, I thank God for gifting me this imperishable treasure found in the depths of lover’s heart. Love was almost like a prayer, so divine, so pure yet so unifying in strength. True love never restricts to loving each other but also motivates you to share the feelings with other living beings and create an atmosphere of love around yourself. With the power to satisfying each other physical needs, the power of love expands you to understand yourself in depth and uplifts you to reach a higher level. There are some things which love can do better than anyone else, there are some memories which only a lover can create compared to anyone.

The life of a lover is really beautiful with imagination and reimagination creating alluring inspirations for them to share and behold as secrets. The power of full moon like a mother nurtures their bond, tells stories of ancient lovers to make them aware love is not always a bed of roses but also has thorns that pierce you deeply from within at times. Love is like a burning holy pyre, glowing with orange embers, disconnected from the world, flames burn swooning, suspicions, sorrows passionately to reach the spiritual flight of oneness.

Love is like a burning pyre of meditation, the flames kindled by rays of the sun consume all the impurities, to purify our thoughts, deeds, and actions, and soothed by moon power to redeem us from this world into a universal cosmos of creation.

The greatest discovery of love is the discovery to be open to a lover, open in many sense – vulnerability, longings, sharing of feelings, and anything you want to express openly. Love knows no limitations or restrictions, but only how to enhance the bond and be more deeply connected to each other. The power to this enhancement and connection is derived from openness only.

Lovely girl with stylized hair as hearts. Romantic vector illustration. Valentines background.

Love is the ambrosia that fills our heart with eternal feelings, satisfies the need of body with the healing touch of a lover, nourishes our soul with the secret of divine love and creation. Who says ambrosia is only found in the heavens and not on earth. What else is love for our body, mind, and soul if not the divine nectar of nourishment?

Love is an invitation sent by the universe; it possesses the infinite power to transform us as an individual asking to stretch and reach out to the mysteries of the universe. Love changes our perspective, outlook, makes us more refined, and motivates us to take care of ourselves and of each little being around us. We develop a micro-lens of looking inside the big universe, like squirrel playing on the branch, moving the blade of grass, etc. As we share this bond of love and care with the universe, we also realize that the time we have in this lifetime is to be effectively used only in loving each other to this extent that we are made up of more love than blood and flesh. In this lifetime, only love will matter at the end of the defined time, the amount of love we selflessly expended upon each other.

Each of us has some imperfections and hard circumstances, love true is not bothered about these things and will not stop loving you for such old and torn reasons. Love is blind about imperfections and let it remain blind. True love has the spirit to become our teacher and together help us overcome these imperfections. It’s a long way journey and with a true lover as a partner, you need not ask for anything else. Just trust the love sent by the universe to you and believe me that love will create wonders for you…you never thought of in life or in imagination.

Create a free zone of communication, share fantasies, speak feelings, cry for old memories, do all acts of communication like listening, talking, storytelling, so that both are known to each other to the best degree. Communication may not be the ultimate connector but it is the main factor…as in love we communicate through our words, bodies, emotions, the language so we need to communicate often and enough.

The power of love is known from ancient times, it can move mountains or shake doors of heaven, let this love work its best for you. You should give the opportunity to love to create, re-create, and celebrate you in your own unique style. No one except love can unravel the hidden you in the light of morning sun. The beautiful meaning of our life and the purpose of living is discovered when we soak ourselves completely in the ocean of true and divine love. Love and wonders of love can never be jotted down on a few pages or even in an epic. Please do embrace the gift of Amore Infinito, it is the true legacy of eternity bestowed upon you to cherish the infinite essence of the universe.

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If you cannot listen, connect and trust your own heart,
How will you understand and love another heart?

— Harshada Pathare
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