Love Talks


For lovers of the written word, for lovers of thought, for art, and for nature, Harshada Pathare’s Love Talks collection is poetry unparalleled—a loving force to be reckoned. Rarely can a poetry collection hit harmonic notes, and, too, sustain them through and through, as Harshada Pathare’s Love Talks.       

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The much-anticipated poetry anthology by Harshada Pathare, Love Talks is out to take you through an exhilarating love-affair on the onset of Valentine’s Day.

Featuring beautiful and fiery contemporary poems offers powerful insights into love, emotions, and healing giving you an emotional recharge.

Every poem in the collection captures the intricacies of breathtaking emotions inspiring lovers to experience universal feelings with the art of words.

Love Talks is a poetry anthology that breaks the mold: both timeless and immediate.

It is a must-read book for a vibrant lover in you.

Transcending time and space, Harshada Pathare’s Love Talks, takes the reader from the cosmic to the intimate, from the swirling abstract to the mundane concrete, in words both lofty and accessible. Forging connections between the ephemeral and everyday experience, Pathare’s poems guide the reader to connect the overwhelmingly celestial above us with the overlooked simplicity surrounding us.

Galaxies, flowers, relationships, and the depths of the human soul are all vehicles to carry a timeless awareness of love and love’s overarching reign over all creation. Whether personal love of another incarnation of humanity or one soul’s love of the infinite, Pathare writes of the vast interconnectedness of all things, all times, all beings.

Simultaneously individualistic and humble—a part of existence’s measureless whole—these poems reflect the human duality that makes life painful, ecstatic, and worth living. Each poem is inward-looking and outward-reaching, intent to connect with other souls. There is attention to the infinite sand that pours through an unbounded hourglass, and there is a focus on each unique grain.

Linger, then, and listen to Love Talks. Reflect on the murmurings of our own hearts and souls, adrift in the immeasurable, joining the fires of our own emotion.

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Drinking a cup of tea can be the most powerful technique of meditation if done with complete mindfulness.

— Harshada Pathare
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