Harshada Pathare is an uplifting and inspiring poet on the rise. Her work is genuine! She is articulate and will be a rising star for generations to come. She crafts a wonderful and unique set of poetic verses, so dramatic, for everyone to enjoy and meditate on during work or leisure.

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Harshada Pathare is an uplifting and inspiring poet on the rise. Her work is genuine! She is articulate and will be a rising star for generations to come. She crafts a wonderful and unique set of poetic verses, so dramatic, for everyone to enjoy and meditate on during work or leisure.


Beginning with the poem as the same name of the book’s title, A Piece of Paradise, this ought to take the reader on a journey to a greater place beyond the horizon. This is a pilgrimage of amorous calm for the soul, which brings about complete unity and oneness with Him toward Nirvana. The figurative language and imagery describing such a flight will draw the reader into the zone of experiencing the realism of this poem.


Dance in the Galaxy, the poem following A Piece of Paradise, continues the enriching flight of bliss with the eternal dance in the galaxy. What a sight to experience with stars flirting zealously, harmony of the souls, and the ball dance of the nine sisters which no one has the ability to stop, or even dare to try—such a gala affair! These two poems set the stage for the rest of the book, which has a diverse reading pattern to sooth the soul in an explosive manner.


Pathare makes excellent use of the rhetorical question in the poem with the title, Goodbye. She captures the soul of the reader with her unique talent of reader participation. The rhetorical question forces an answer while reading which moves the poem along. She ends the piece most eloquently with the use of the alliteration form in the last stanza to seal the unity of love as the theme of the poem.


There are many poems in this book to enhance the though process of the reader and boost the spirit. For example, Living Style has a blend of anaphora poetry in the form of an affirmative statement, “I am.” This statement actually sets off the poem with its directive style and format.


Magic Land is written in the form of a two line couplet and flows with great ease. The couplets have an intermittent rhyming scheme and are genuine and sound uniquely great! The tone of the poem is magical and mystical. It allows the imagination to take a journey in a wonderland of magic and fairytales. Likewise, the poem, Her Lad, says a lot and will set your fantasy on fire. Parents actually dream such a dream to become a reality one day.


Never is a list styled poem. It has a rhyming couplet style which certainly gives a view that is contrary to the cliché, “never say never.” This poem has an enlightening perspective of what to do and not to do in order to achieve success with a unique and motivational twist. Additionally, a corresponding poem, Realization, with the characteristic of the interrogatory question flows from the couplet form to the four stanza quatrain form with class. It brings to realization the quality of life that exists in the sphere of the characters in the poem.


Remember Me comes in the style of a standard format to a letter. It is narrative and flows extremely well. It’s reminiscing of a person who has lost all powers and belongings, now in the possession of another. The poem resonate an act of sacrifice for the sake of love in the sphere of, “Now all I have I give to you!” Unconditional love is certainly a motive in this poem.


Salute for Women is the tercet form of a poem with three lines. It shows the tenacity and capability of women. Starting with the strength of a flowing river with magnitude, the poem develops into one of pride for the female gender. The intermitting rhyming scheme sets the poem apart with imagination for the reader’s interpretation.


Smile is in the style of a freeform sestet stanza with six lines. This is reminiscent of the Italian or Petrarchan sonnet with the octave withheld. It reads like a wonderful solution or irony, such as that which normally follows the octave portion of the sonnet. This is brilliant and should inspire the reader, especially the last stanza in the series which is just awesome.

The Love We Want stimulates the mind to set free the psychological captive within the soul. It speaks eloquently of the passion that is missing, and stirs the soul to a realization of how and what love ought to be—unconditional!

The Wait is emblematical of a female who is cherishing her unborn child in anticipation for the moment of delivery into the world. This poem is inspiring and uplifting regarding life, especially at a time when others do not cherish it as much. The tone of the poem signifies love and happiness. This five stanza poem has the characteristics of the quintet form with corresponding rhymes; however, the author creates her unique style of repeating the fourth line throughout the poem, thus embedding the consistency of the theme for greater understanding of love, passion, and emotion for the unborn, in anticipation of birth.

You Are is a confessional style of poetry with a touch of the ballad stanza. It signifies love between two individuals in different stages of life. The author ends the manuscript with this blend of lyrical style poetry in the dramatic voice which is just amazing. This is like the crescendo ending of an orchestral piece, which calls for a standing ovation from the audience.

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Dr. Joseph S. Spence, Sr.

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If you cannot listen, connect and trust your own heart,
How will you understand and love another heart?

— Harshada Pathare
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