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Author and Contrarian Thinker, Harshada Pathare creates connections via art.

Her purpose:  Elevate the common story one word at a time. 

Her style: Learning to create an open dialogue between heart and mind.

 My writing is the result of thinking, and my thoughts are the upshot of experience. I try never to forget the importance of that particular sequence. No matter the genre or style in question, writers—the real ones—share one thing in common: they’re curious. Not by trade. By nature and have to dig it all.

harshada pathare

Moving Forward In Curves

A writer loves the sound of her inner-voice. She turns insights into letters, then words, and finally powerful sentences that enrich and transform readers. A true writer has the drive to place herself in the mind of others—simply by expressing the truth, however small or personal. Such writers may rarely consider the future, but theirs is the work that’s truly immortal.

I’m a passionate, innovative writer with powerful insights, reliable instincts, and a knack for analyzing the world in a clear, simple manner.
I write with precision and understanding to instill positivity, energy, and compassion in my readership.
I strongly believe that everyone should strive to be an exemplary role model for the youth—this through sharing their values by sharing their feelings . . . in sharing their stories.

I’m an optimistic individual unbounded by tradition’s conventions, and yet I have an immense knowledge of and respect for Indian culture, spirituality, and Vedic mythology. Vibrant as my homeland, mine is an empathetic heart, and nothing pleases me more than coming to appreciate another’s outlook while introducing my own unique perspective: one of positivity, unending creativity, and spiritual compassion.

Emphasizing the practicalities of life, I draw realistic conclusions about people, value systems, cultural confluences, life circumstances, and social upheaval. Then, I employ these takeaways, constructing fiction, poetry, and essays to help take others away—to places worth exploring.
Nothing is more fascinating than communication. It may be a dying artform, but I don’t intend to give up that easily. Embracing a progressive mindset, I’ve found the motivation to exchange big ideas on small platforms, express myself fully, and (above all else) enjoy the process of cooperative solution-building.

Nature and spirituality provide me endless impetus. I love to ponder the grand mystery of existence and the human condition, utilizing the written craft to encapsulate every component, from our everyday plight to the emotions required for survival.
Being a writer, I understand the capacity of words to strengthen, to eviscerate, and to elevate a sovereign soul. Over the years, my sundry sojourns have taught me to nurture creativity, kindle my imagination, and create my own style of celebration. Imagination, strong individuality, and uniqueness are the distinct traits that allow me to embrace bold ideas instead of rehashing the status quo. I don’t believe great wisdom is needed to change the world and bring about peace, but rather self-truth and the freedom that follows.
Mindfully learning from life experiences has effected a meteoric rise in my personal growth and self-development. Resultant insights rise like cream to brim upon the surface as words, which then I share with all who wish to sup the stuff I’ve learned thus far.

As a steadfast writer, I will always give my heart and soul to literature. I promise the world (as I promise myself) to hold nothing back from the page.
Blessed as I am to know my passion, I’ll always aim to set an example for love, empowerment, and compassion. No matter what I’m working on—nonfiction, essays, poems, videos, or adages—I’ve learned to inculcate my trademark skills of rationality, commitment, creativity, and discipline. Using this skillset to fashion beauty is what gives my life the most meaning.

Seduced by the ecstatic beauty of nature, I love to travel in my own way, listening to people’s folktales, contemplating alternate beliefs, and learning new rituals. I consider my ability to establish a good rapport with rural and urban souls amongst my most noteworthy. With eyes that look past circumstance, locale, apparel, and education, one sees but brothers and sisters.
Furthermore, I believe that photography is more than clicking. It’s about loving something so deeply that you want to hold it forever. On Instagram, I share my many loves and update all the time, so do drop by and see exactly what it is that makes me tick!


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