‘Your convictions with deep reasoning power reveal the incomprehensible universe inside you.’

Strong convictions are the monumental pillars that design your life. Your convictions firmly ground you to your goals and beliefs convince you to keep following the path of commitment even in tough times. If you have weak, unstable convictions then you will keep running behind unknown illusions falling for everything and anything. Without convictions, you have nothing to strongly hold on. You are without any beliefs or opinions stumbling to anyone’s suggestions. You prove that you have a thoughtless mind, an irrational approach, and no reasoning knowledge.

To know what defines conviction precisely, you need to have answers to these three questions –

  1.  What do you believe?
  2.  What are values, beliefs, reasons that establish your convictions?
  3.  What are the sacrifices you can give to hold on to your convictions?
  4.  How far are you willing to go with your convictions?

Your positive actions, disciplined approach, tireless efforts are the key ingredients for the success of your conviction. Conviction is the motivational drive that exerts you to move the earth, sky, heaven, hell to accomplish your goal. Conviction is not particularly associated with winning, victory, or power. Conviction is the courage that never lets you fall down during personal tragedies, professional setbacks, crises. Conviction plays the role of trailblazer discovering the track of successfully overcoming your limitations.

Listen to your convictionsYour conviction knows the truth without its appearance; understands the unfathomable mystery of faith without touching it and finds the eternal purpose of life unveiling the secrets of fantasy. Conviction knows, only to live and believe in the supremacy of passion. It trains you to acknowledge the significance of time, dedication, commitment, determination, to achieve your accomplishments. Conviction pulls you to explore your inexhaustible reserve of potential, unexploited store of talent which would otherwise fade away in the routine patterns of life. The only factor that depicts the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the intuition to recognize your conviction, urge to hold on to your convictions, and lay buried with them.

Through the eyes of God, conviction draws a sacred scripture about the future of your vision. The strength of conviction passes through the caves of darkness, penetrates deep down the shadows, defies all evil obstacles embracing the ultimate passion of living. You need to follow the divine guidance of conviction, turning dreams into actions and reaping fruits from the actions. Great leaders, world-famous personalities, extraordinary leaders have proven the diplomatic performance of conviction.

The extraordinary quality of conviction is to face physical and rational fear without losing any trace of hope and faith. Convictions alone hold the capacity to gain again all that you have lost in your journey. Amongst all the qualities, the existence of conviction is important for your survival. Conviction inhabits in your endless spirit, audacious will power, and divine soul steering you from inside. Conviction not only trusts your ability and potential but vigorously drives you to conquer your goal.

If you want to devote your time, efforts, trust, talents, life then please devote generously to your good and inspiring convictions. Stand by them, whatever and however deep is the pain, length of sufferings; not only stand but count on them with confidence.

What else is worth holding for a life-long association?

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