“A billion eyes of the dark sky with their unimaginable chasms,
Penetrate deep inside the luminous souls to drink the milk of love,
Opening the unknown compilation of mysteries and wonders,
In gross darkness and glowing beauties of fading light”


In the soothing background of velvet darkness, a sensual intrigue deeply touched the shoreline of my soul. The fascination reflected in the form of a full, complete moon as whirlwinds of passion and beauty blended in a brilliance powerful than Venus planet. As darkness enhanced, it drew inexpressible poetry and painting from my pure spirit. I proposed all my unsaid feelings for this beautiful moment. Lips of harmony tenderly kissed my forehead and my heart fell in deep love with the sensational allure.

I never felt such a note of completeness strike between me and the emerging darkness. I heard the unfinished symphony of constellations in the serenity of night that stirred pure, aesthetic emotions in me to discover everlasting oblivion.

The darkness creates another nature in the mind of the universe with an unimpaired divinity and all-embracing love of natural forces. In the omniscience of this creation, I heard the omens of nature, offering interesting analogies of reassurance and happiness to the vast and glorious world. Some of these analogies, I borrowed to triumph in the abyss of emotional pollution. Sitting in the fleeting darkness, I allowed elements of nature to understand, heal and balance taking me to a deeper level of revelation. I recalled the moments of sorrow to ascend even higher and conceive the higher beauty hidden in their womb.

Beholding the never seen beauty of darkness and magnificent landmarks like the stars, dark trees, mountains, the moon, crystal-clear streams flowing like a silver lining in the dark background, it opened up my hidden inner depths to discover peace, release sad memories and allows an emergence of a new consciousness. Billion penetrating eyes unfurled their luminous perfection to look deep inside my heart and create the power in me to expand and explore with an enormous potential.

An ambition grew to widely outstretch my arms and rejoice the glittering moments of love in the bosom of dark nights. The night sky blooming in its full glory inspired me to contemplate in peace, unburden the residual sorrow and align to the new frequencies of trust.

I sat upon a rock and looked at the far spread coast of darkness, offering my natural gifts at the altar. The natural gifts… of feelings, emotions, thoughts, connection and eternal union with darkness offered with this prayer of love to thank God for reawakening my heart and mind. A billion prisms of light suddenly sparked as darkness consumed it with affection churning me into a unique masterpiece.

There is no one night, but this night of renewal is endlessly fascinating with an extraordinary power of transformation. The nights are made up of wandering shades, slow murmurs, drifting nature in its complete freedom of divinity to act and create the magnificent mantle ready to toss at any moment so that dawn can emerge.

I deeply penetrated in the beauty of the night in order to create an extraordinary iris. An eye that can look at the exceptional and pristine beauty of darkness, stretch to see the ultimate entrancing horizon where the infinite longings are yet to meet… I felt a similar horizon within me.

As I paired an irresistible, infinite relationship with this night in the desirable emotions it taught me that the inscriptions we leave behind will be reminded of the nature of our bond. As emotions spilled, I felt a tranquil halo hover over my head, inviting me to probe into studies of peace and love. The amazing recreations of a purified and enhanced mind awakened my eloquent powers.

An extraordinary volume of my life written on the cave of darkness about the transformation of sadness in melancholy and joy when encountered in the realm of night. When myriad feelings aroused in the bosom of the night, extraordinary wisdom and abstractions of the moment ameliorated them into greatest blessings. Love the most amazing pleasure of heart and mind got lost in the exceptional discovery of universal truth. The expression of the moment evoked a sense of mono no aware in which glories of the darkness emerged in an exquisite, divine design. Immersed in the darkness of higher illumination, I blended in the synergy of nature, hoping the tradition of expressing emotional and intellectual response through nights continues in a perpetual way.

I realized how a lonesome night evoked a spark of greatness and endowed me with spiritual gifts. The night sky has always been a source of fascination for me and the way it expressed the feelings of mono no aware has created experience and learning of fulfillment in the mind and heart.

I thank the motif of the night for the primordial revelation of beauty and emotions in impermanence.

Mono no aware continue to inspire and bless me!



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If you cannot listen, connect and trust your own heart,
How will you understand and love another heart?

— Harshada Pathare
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