Not an adorned gift of glamorous fairies,

You came to me as a divine answer,

Praying to deities and cosmic power,

I awaited your presence for years.

Like every woman, I too had sprung feelings,

The day, I would be born as a mother,

Wanted to feel within kicks and pushes,

Delicate moments that churn woman’s soul,

To see you grow within me would be a boon,

Gradually, as coy bud sprints into flower bold.

I felt intense urge to hold you in my bosom,

Let maternal tears overwhelming dissolve,

In your skin as pearls of eternal blessings,

Softly press you on my breast to soothe,

To feel ecstatic pleasure as I feed you my love,

Sing sweet lullabies to give you vibes of care,

When you sleep with angelic smile to stare,

To hold in these hands as a drop of the ocean,

To thank God as every day I see you grow.

But God destined a different design for me,

Send you to me from the embrace of the earth,

Little was I reluctant to accept, but your innocence,

Convinced it was better the way it happened,

Your mirthful presence changed slowly seasons,

I remained still in understanding, whispers of nature,

So glad, you are today my own baby,

So thankfully, I was conferred this honor by the divine.

Harshada Pathare


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Drinking a cup of tea can be the most powerful technique of meditation if done with complete mindfulness.

— Harshada Pathare
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