Baby Pink or Baby Blue,

I incredibly wonder,

What you do alone,

In your small home blue.

We long to touch you dear,

And hug with smiles and tears,

The wait now feels to be of years,

How much we desire to be together.

Some gentle kicks, few tender punches,

I know my soul is gratified by soft swishes,

I love to encourage when you do gymnastics,

Your every movement arouses motherly excitement.

Believe me; we never guess if you are baby pink or blue,

We only pray you to be healthy, strong and always safe,

Little from your dearest dad and then little from me,

Blend of our love and existence I cannot wait to see.

I absorb splendor of nature to let beauty thrive in you,

I love animals, feed birds to allow compassion touch you,

I meditate to improve radiance of ambiance around you,

I relax at pristine beach to connect the universe with you,

I laugh with the stars and moon to soothe your tiny fears,

I wake up with dimple smile to show you brilliant morning sun.

Golden dreams eyes weave, we strive to meet best expectations,

Cherished moments heart treasures, you are prized possession,

I look up as outstretched wings liberate in the vault of heaven,

Someday, you would grow up to race those remarkable heights,

We would wait to see you proudly return in old loved nestling,

We redeem our years of penance and efforts for your happiness.

Baby pink or baby blue, don’t worry we care for you,

You are God’s send miracle seed to blossom in our garden,

We can’t wait to start our journey holding your tiny fingers,

Forever we shall be to care and love and always pray for you,

This is a lifetime promise sealed by your mother’s signature.


Harshada Pathare

Anthology – You Complete Me

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If you cannot listen, connect and trust your own heart,
How will you understand and love another heart?

— Harshada Pathare
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