You gifted me the eternal best,

When close to your gallant chest,

In your macho arms you held tight,

Lusty sentiments calm down light,

This expensive ride, my life feels proud,

Rather than sedan stylish, luxurious brand,

The comfort for me is to be in your arms.


Glamorous diamonds you bestowed,

For me the brilliant spark more blessed,

That glints in your dancing eyes secretly,

As you creep to my quiet feelings instantly.

Porcelain, glazed, crystal, seashell flowers,

Adorn antique shelves serving mementos,

Those recite fables from our love collections,

But my heart simply treasures ecstatic moments,

That hoards our relationship’s long memories.


Often you shop geeky gadgets for me,

Upgrade technology level and devices,

Tutor to give expertise and knowledge

I desire to learn from you nothing else,

Except, flaunt that hopeful smile all times


Perfumes, cosmetics, jewelleries queued,

But I adore gentle, aromatic, fresh breeze,

Caresses our brown, black shiny tresses,

Tickles with fun and thrill our deep dimples,

Beauty of nature embellishes our inner soul


North to South, East to west, delightfully explore,

Every corner of our nurturing mother earth,

Candid snaps, rich culinary, exciting scenes,

Impressive attractions, delightful resorts, believe,

No place more beautiful than our joyful nestling


Forget, gifts, movies, parties, candlelight feasts,

I love sunset chats, beachside rocks, stars count,

I enjoy rain dance, winter shivers, fireplace ambiance,

I pray our togetherness blooms like bud radiant,

Anything but everything with your blissful presence,

Glorifies our inspirational love, bond of sacred trust


Harshada Pathare

Anthology : Your Majesty

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Drinking a cup of tea can be the most powerful technique of meditation if done with complete mindfulness.

— Harshada Pathare
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