From a friend to a wife,

From a wife to an expectant mother,

You are moving our life to new heights


Fondly touching for love’s sake,

Arrests my hours scented tresses,

Heart’s heavy, waiting and worrying,

For the concern of you and baby


So beautiful are you now looking,

Little embryo within your belly growing,

Instincts play with me tormenting,

Never for so long am I praying


I feel the language of my unborn,

I shall protect, grow you, promise,

Step, to be a part of our little home,

Let me know your birth date, mysterious


I am with both of you forever, promise,

Providing all love and needs possible,

You discovered for our contented world,

A spectrum of infinite happiness


Embossing these precious moments,

In my mind for rest of my journey,

My devoted soul revolving constantly,

To support you emotionally, vigorously


Be what or when, I cannot predict future.

But, like a sturdy rock, for you am here,

Be tough or rough, the time phases,

We will jointly sail these brutal tides


Wanting to touch the new coming,

Holding patience for countless hours,

Wanting to see you shyly feeding,

Myriad emotions harbor eloquently


The passion of an expecting mother,

So striking, steams even the Nature,

The radiance of a hoping mother,

So stunning, blazes the azure skies


From an innocent girl to a beautiful woman,

From a refined woman to a blessed mother,

I am honored to accompany you, lady.

I am privileged to care for you, dear

Harshada Pathare

Anthology – A Piece of Paradise


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If you cannot listen, connect and trust your own heart,
How will you understand and love another heart?

— Harshada Pathare
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