The world will know you,

As beautiful proof of our love,

You be a baby boy or girl,

For us it holds no importance


From me you may inherent,

Fair radiance that glints,

Or from dad’s honest color,

You may come out tanned


It wouldn’t be of any substance,

You are for us of great significance

Would you borrow my straight hair style?

Or wrap your head with daddy’s waves and curls?

Little facial looks like him and some like me,

All upon you to decide as you want to be


You have your choice to become,

A notable artist like your mom,

Else don the revered coat white,

Your loving dad adorns with pride,

Belongs to you infinite, azure sky,

Any direction you can liberally fly

It will never create any differences,

For you, my baby, our love floods


Soar progressive thoughts,

Sail unexplored territories,

For your tiny feet, absorbent mind,

We have no limitations set,

But call us when you are in need


We will never be with you angry,

So don’t be guilty and feel sorry.

You deserve to live in your own fashion,

Force will not conquer your feelings,

Let angels of goodness befriend you,

Gods bestow upon you bountiful blessings

Wherever in the world you are, remember,

Our hearts will know the way to follow

If ever you miss us, then look behind,

Reflection of us will be in your shadow


You have right to decide your birthday,

Be it working day or relaxed Sunday,

Whenever you select we will celebrate,

With little joyful tears, enduring smiles,

Cherishing memories, thanks prayers,

Through us, the entry you made upon earth


We love and accept you throughout our life,

We care and guard you till we as stars’ shine

We thank you for your faith in selecting us

World will know you as motif of our love,

‘Your Majesty’, in our life you are welcome


Harshada Pathare

Anthology: Your Majesty

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