Wife (says to herself) –

He loves her more than me….me,

He sees her lovely face through the glowing rays,

He hears her serene voice as whispering wind lifts,

He discovers her blissful smile in blooming pastel lilies,

He touches her lotus feet in freezing dreams of nights,

She is dearer to him; she is creator to him

I adore the love and regards he holds for her,

I love the respect and empathy he feels for them all


He knows only one deity and believes purely in her,

With petals of love and sandal paste he worships her

I feel proud for I am bounded to this beautiful heart,

I know I am secure for I rightly trust that perfect man

He values her belongings like treasures of ancient gold

He stands tall when remembers her struggles and goals

He uses her herbs and recipes when health’s not good

He still paints those lush days with colors and glistens,

When she use to drive him to school and gardens,

When she use to teach him lexis and poems,

When she use to bake him cakes and pastries,

When she use to arrange his room and wardrobe,

When she use to attend ceremonies and birthdays,

When she use to work single-handedly and gift gadgets,

When she use to sing him lullabies and stories,

When she use to laugh and play with him sports,

When she use to cover him from cold and storms,

When she use to feed him love and her sorrow,

He practices her likes, benevolence and selections,

He approves her principles and theories of existence,

His aura radiating culture that is inherited from her esteem,

His eyes reveal concern that is inherent from her bosom

Insightful reverence he owns for his dearest mother,

Trust, he would pass on the same to his children.


Harshada Pathare

Anthology: Your Majesty

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— Harshada Pathare
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