I want to express this now not leave it just unsaid, For within me a feeling streams like a heavy cascade, So here in this poem I have said reflections of heart, Hold it close like an embodied pillow to hear words soft. If I had words to beautifully express how you are precious to me, Here on the lovely earth would be another beguiling paradise. You created a meaning to the days I lived nebulous, So tenderly you held my fingers to sketch thoughts, From a grain of dusk you enlarged me into a magna, Here on the sacred earth would be our love enigma. So blessed it feels to receive your generous love, Without any conditions or expectations for me to unwrap, Like the sunrise you enlighten me to blossom plenteous, Knowing the earth only breathes from your breathe, So humble, yet never demands with right any patent. I know infinite love for you is a sanctified prayer, So pure, so pious now I connect stronger and deeper, Near or far the deep blue sky quietly envelopes me, I know it is your care, love, blessings that encompass me. Even if my footprints walk by you or go away apart, I would live by the golden words offered with passion, I have laid a piece of my heart under the sheets of snow, Let your sunlight reach and blossom it forever into a red rose.

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If you cannot listen, connect and trust your own heart,
How will you understand and love another heart?

— Harshada Pathare
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