I am learning from you an inexplicable language new,

From sunrise to moonfall the mystifying learning continues,

Affectionately you hold my feeble fingers and lovingly mold,

Embryonic thoughts are transformed into a distinct handwriting.


I want to let you know please understand a beginner’s mind,

You never know how capably am absorbing these discoveries,

How burning sun openly embraces the moist earth to blossom,

I now realized the secrets of a delighted flower, tossing oceans.


Why the woods are so composed when sensual winds niggles.

How seasons drape the glorious nature in their classic fabrics.

Sorry for all pains you silently endured while I studied emotions,

Love slowly ingrained in my heart at expense of your energies,

I promise as an offering to prosperously embellish this treasure,

Do not leave me for you are not magic of universe to disappear,

Request you to treat me not as baggage but as a slow learner,

Do not lose your patience I bend down with earnest devotion.


Million thanks to heaven for giving me opportunity to learn,

So deeply you touched every vibe of inner mind, heart, soul,

Sometimes I feel, why not you met me some years before,

I really felt love as you connected me with true meaning of life,

For hours I stay immersed in this blissfulness powered by deities,

Sometimes, it fears as I know your first love was not ever me,

I opened the books of heart with only you as teacher and guide,

Please bear with me, do not get angry and irritated every time,

I am emerging, enriching, accommodating to cosmic blessings.

One day, you would feel proud as I inherit your grand legacy,

Your name engraved upon me no rainstorms can ever wipe,

Please do not quit upon me, I am still learning it’s a, b, c, d, e.


Harshada Pathare


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If you cannot listen, connect and trust your own heart,
How will you understand and love another heart?

— Harshada Pathare
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