Growing to be your walking stick,

I will show you the directions,

In the dense, gray forests of life

My reliable steps will guide,

Your relying paths tenderly,

Like you use to carry me,

On trusty shoulders, adoringly

My heart will be with yours,

Forever with warmth and regards,

Through my love you will know,

Deeply, how much I need you

Swelling to be your pride handsome,

Efforts raised a human virtuous, fine,

Sweat, tears you reaped will shine,

‘Through me, Trust me’, I pledge

My abilities still seek sheepishly,

The guidance you lend me sensibly,

My long nights yet motive shyly,

On soothing lap to dotingly sleep

Around me spins guarding hearts,

To ward off evils and threats,

Even today, a nightmare screams,

Awakes, your arctic nights for me

Growing to be your caring angel,

Of your cosmos, I am the sphere,

Guiding fingers of my journey,

Bless me to serve your pilgrimage -

Harshada Pathare

Anthology – A Piece of Paradise

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