Bright stars mysteriously gaze down,

To light your heart with their astounding smiles,

If you could understand from a million leagues

Their language of sparkles and laughter of shines,

You can read the twinkle reflect in my enticing eyes.


Modest petals of lovely flowers open one by one,

With the cast of countless celestial beauty unfolding,

If you could feel the aromatic essence of blooming,

Growing, strengthening to unleash the buried love,

You can understand stifled feelings upon my mystic lips.


Winds of earth and heaven dance together every season,

And bring to us the lingering memories we learn to treasure,

Mischievous breeze uncovers the mask world neatly wears,

If you could hear the music of enchanting winds and be touched,

You can listen to the endless, soft whispers of my oceanic heart.


Mighty waves that rushes to embrace shores and pull them,

All our struggles and pain of yesteryears in a wave shall fade,

Ferocious waves rise and fall but in end again dissolve in ocean’s majesty,

If you could trust the immense power of the rising heroic waves,

You can have tremendous faith in the procession of my infinite love.


The enthusiastic spirit of birds, whose rejoicing sounds while on quests,

Soars the vertical plains above the terrestrial ground,

Without any footprints on the aerial sands for anyone to trace,

If you could pursue the love for doing small things contentedly,

You can discover pleasures with me in a simple, ordinary life.


The sacrifice of prestigious raindrops for the survival of nature;

Blends with the dazzling sunlight to create a glorious rainbow;


The everlasting promise bestowed to the evergreen earth,

If you could value the generosity that spreads fertility in abundance,

You can cherish the priceless and non-renewable offerings by me.


Compassion of Mother Nature, in spite of erosions and sufferings,

Endowed with passionate love and compassion for her living creatures,

She forgives all hardships, endures merciless pain with lovingly smile;

If you could sleep in her lap and forget the modern life’s acquisitions,

You can wake in the mesmerizing world of my exciting stories and songs.


Truth magnified by lonely seashells resting on beaches,

Murmuring in soft voices, the mysterious happenings in sea’s guarded life;

So clearly, the seashells express unspoken words, unvoiced thoughts;

If you could listen to the enigmatic wordings of the lustrous shore’s crust,

You can connect with this best voyager eager to explore you entirely.


The deepest love of the imperial sun is one that no one could ever describe,

Every day he proposes to the earth with its grand blossoms of emotion,

And the perpetual calendar of selfless commitment brightens the worshipping earth,

If you could fall in love with the eternal dedication and passion of Ra god,

You can sense a million splendid suns waiting inside me to brighten you


Harshada Pathare

Anthology - You complete me

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Drinking a cup of tea can be the most powerful technique of meditation if done with complete mindfulness.

— Harshada Pathare
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