New day, new morning,

I open my brunette eyes,

Thoughts of living, kissing me,

Greeting my soul with joy and light,

Trusting self, my heart’s set to live.


I am the drops falling from azure sky,

I am the rays that melt snowflakes,

I am the guilt drained of the burden,

I am the starry dark and the generous earth,

I am the butterfly emerging to fulfill my destiny.


The skies are heavy and my eyes are cloudy,

The days are stormy and nights are windy,

My life is an ocean, like an endless wave,

I toss up and down, roll high and low,

My heart is full of woe and sorrow,

Yet, I look up, live on, love all,

In the struggle with tempest storm,

My awaiting dreams battle hard,

With weapons of truth and morals.


The colorful rainbow promises me,

Warming hopes and shining views,

All Restless, sleepless nights lull me,

Till rays cast their light upon me.


When I achieve, I feel great,

For being alive, like a warrior.

Freely, I soar higher and higher,

Like the birds, my wings glide,

Through the bosom of winds,

Over the proud valleys, hills,

Smiling with tears, working with integrity,

On the earth an paradise founding,

With the essence of amazing living.


Harshada Pathare

Anthology - A Piece of Paradise

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I love you for recreating me into a better version.

— Harshada Pathare
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