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As time evolves, so do people.
As people start evolving, new trends and developments occur sidelining the old.

In the era of revolution, it is obvious that women will cast themselves in a new light.
The roots of women are divine and originated from the Creator.
Just think, the representatives of God will have how much powerful and divine gifts to offer?

Accept their offerings and then you will see how the world grows and expand magnificently.

As I thrived, it seems the world is waiting to be written by me.
I have such a great opportunity to rewrite those unwanted pieces of history into something marvelous and admirable for women.

Such a boon to be connected with aesthetics, art, philosophies that inspire to create our own very best version.
My ink is overflowing, desperate to draw everything, create meaningful conversations and fill the book of life with capturing memories.
It is a blessing to be born in this world not to live like a fly inside a container but to be a firefly glowing in darkness creating light from their abdomen.

I have crossed the lines of stereotyped boundaries and customs through written and spoken words.
Now, no longer do I represent the unsaid, unexpressed, unspeakable ocean of emotions.
The blue waves leap high up in the air to fall upon the dissipated islands where the call of articulation is open to all without any barriers.

Silence is not another name for a woman.
I can be quiet, calm, tranquil, peaceful, anything but not silent.
Words weave us together, strengthen our roots so it can connect with the trunk, branches, leaves, fruits to nourish them with stories and conversations.
Our words complete our bedtime stories, emphatic musings, encouragement bytes, tell stories of our tears, and make our life complete.

When we gossip, we actually share stories, we criticize the wrong, we empower everyone,
we uplift our sisters, we help them break open doors, we smash our opponents,
we fight the hypocrisies and lies to discover the truth.

We are not Gossip mongers, Call us storytellers it is in our inheritance to tell stories…

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Drinking a cup of tea can be the most powerful technique of meditation if done with complete mindfulness.

— Harshada Pathare
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