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Shiva-Parvati Talks

Episode 1

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 2

Shiva-Parvati Talks: Episode 1

There were beautiful divine and rare flowers blossoming everywhere, nagapuspha, omkar, narilatha, kurinji, lilies and a billion buransh gazing the newly wed bride as she roamed here and there in confusion. The hue of crimson colors and powerful fragrance of Himalayan nature did not seem to enchant her bewildered mind or her feminine senses.

She still continued to be lost in some thought like the charming moon lost in the darkness of the sky. He could read her mind and as her husband and soul-mate of ages he could understand what her lips wanted to speak.

“What are you searching, Gauri?” the Himalayan lord asked her with a mischievous smile on his face.

“My lord, Shiva, I am searching our home” she shyly uttered as they both continued to melt with each other.

“Home”, the Great ascetic roared into laughter. His laughter shook the walls of the Himalayas as the mighty man stood cladded in tiger skin, arms wrapped with snakes and rudraksha beads, body smeared with ashes, moon smiling on his forehead and his long locks waving in the fresh breeze of twilight.

“Look at the thick forest of Deodar trees, your home in winter, look at the waterfalls your home in summer, look at the caves your home in monsoon, and look at these open green valleys that are delighted to be your home in summer. You have this universe as your home” he lovingly convinced her to understand his lifestyle.

She frowned thinking what to say next. She loved him more than anything in her life, his way of living and wanted to be a full representation of his power, thoughts and divinity but a home is needed she insisted to herself.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she looked deep in his blue excavating eyes and in her soothing voice pleaded, “My lord, now you are a married man, a home is needed for us and our privacy.”

“There are many places that offer us solitude in this universe, Parvati. There are dark caves, empty planets, abandoned forests, deserted places where we can teleport in a fraction of seconds” he still refuted to her demands.

“My lord, a home is a dream of every bride”, her voice said in pain, hoping to still convince him knowing his ascetics values are difficult to change.

He stood silent, he loved her endlessly but this idea did not appeal to his way of living. A deep silence passed between them, the entire world stood anxiously to catch the next splendour of the moment.

He lovingly caressed her cheeks and moved forward. He opened his arms, smelled the fragrance in the air and finally reasoned.

“Gauri, I am offering four directions to you as your home but still you are keen on having only four walls. Please step out of these human limitations and embark on the journey of infinity with me?”

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Shiva-Parvati Talks: Episode 2

Krishna is a charioteer?

“I disapprove this role of Krishna. Why is he interested to be a charioteer in this great war of Kurukshetra?” Parvati expressed her displeasure to Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva grinned as he lowered his hand to reach to Parvati’s shoulder. She stared at him, his dark blue eyes shining with the blaze of hundreds of suns revealing his infinite love for her.

A wide smile appeared on his dark red lips, he softly said, Parvati, you know Krishna is the backbone of Pandavas and the mastermind behind this war. His presence is very much important hence he must have decided to play the role of charioteer. He loves to perform different leelas (stories).

“This time it is a little higher, Lord. Now he is a grown-up man no longer a cute boy from Gokul village to play his pranks. He is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, Supreme creator and there is no need to be a charioteer to a mortal being even if that mortal is Arjuna” she scorned.

“Arjuna will need guidance from Krishna and the world is awaiting the greatest gift that will be born on this ground of Kurukshetra – The divine gift – Bhagvad Geeta”, he spoke in a victorious tone thinking this will clear the clouds from Parvati’s mind.

“Krishna can stay behind in the tents of Pandavas and they can come to seek guidance from him as and when needed. If not this, he can be in his own chariot at the outskirts of the battlefield so that Pandavas can reach him when they require his advice. Krishna should be in his celestial limits and not lower his grade in front of the entire warrior race of Bharata”, her efforts to convince Shiva continued.

Lord Shiva glanced at her dark black hair loaded with blue sapphires, multi-coloured pearls. The fragrance of divine flowers wrapped around her arms and musk smeared on her forehead filled the ambiance with extraordinary fragrance, her dark black eyes glowing up her golden face as she looked upon him for a satisfactory answer.

“Krishna is a true leader. It is a true mark of a leader to walk the talk with his people and empower them so that they can rise to their full potential. Krishna is an epitome of leadership, for the coming generations will learn leadership concepts from his biography and hence he will set the most influential example for them to follow. I know, Parvati, you will agree with Krishna’s thoughts.”

She welcomed this reply with a beauteous smile of acceptance and love.

“Yes, Krishna is indeed a supreme leader born from the supreme creator”, she whispered to herself.

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