We are born in a dispensable world where great achievements are engraved in books of historical accomplishments and ordinary merits wither away. This attitude of the world should never make you feel insignificant or unwanted. You are what you are and no one has the authority to deny that existence of yours.

You may be neglected one in the group of whooping intellectuals, you may be a zero achiever in the top-ranking family of IAS, MBBS examinations, your colleagues may abandon you in a group competition or your own love may leave you for somebody better, smarter or even finer person. Your family members may applaud your same age cousin or neighbor’s son/daughter to make you feel less deserving but you need not try to avoid yourself from meeting them.

Do not run away with the certainty that you are not required in this world. Never think that your living has no purpose or path to achieve. You are not born to live an aimless journey. If all these thoughts haunt you, sorry, it’s time you change yourself, transform your soul, broaden your perspective. Remember no one can determine the value of your life.

U matter moreYour birth is an invitation given to you by GOD to live and experience mortal life, its different constituents, to emerge as a stronger soul. God knows you better than all; he trusted you and he wanted you to experience this wonderful trip on earth. Living a life on earth is no less a challenge, some people don’t have the guts to face the reality of life seeking departure. Hey, you are far better than them, you are winning . . . if not by achieving medals or honors but by living, struggling.

You are unique, you are proud to be yourself, you may be touching someone’s heart silently knowingly or unknowingly, your smile may not be a million-dollar giggle but it melts someone secretly, your unspoken words are the language of love for someone. You are making difference to someone, maybe your puppy or tea-stall boy or liftman or your colleague or your old parents or your spouse and child. You are influencing all of them so just keep going. Keep living!

You may not fly rockets in the sky or discover another Pythagoras theorem but you have something meaningful to achieve, so focus your energies to move confidently towards that goal. Life goes on when you leave but it goes on with a difference you never see. So don’t underestimate your own self. You are creating a difference by touching every person’s heart with kindness or smile or a small act of help or simply inspiring.

You may achieve success or failure in your ventures, the reasons for failure may be in your control or outside your precinct. You can manage the causes of failure or adapt to the dynamics outside your jurisdiction, the choice is entirely yours. Let not the standards of success or failure determine your respect or social esteem.

Don’t follow the deception that your face is lost in the crowd. The time you spend with aged people, nature, animals, served society during disasters, has gained you deep gratification. The courage you have set to win over the obstacles marks your competence. The vision you follow to keep on going and going irrespective of the hurdles sets you an example for others.

Set your inner self-free from guilt, shame, competition, or loneliness. You have to comprehend your own worth living through the bold and beautiful phases of life. You have to know you matter more than to anyone else.

You are here in God’s region because you matter more.


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If you cannot listen, connect and trust your own heart,
How will you understand and love another heart?

— Harshada Pathare
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