Throughout time, many cultures have worshiped the image and concept of a mother goddess for wealth, knowledge, the harvest, and good fortune but here in Assam, a temple worships a Bleeding goddess. Interested to know more, stay hooked till the end. Oscillating between the world of meaning and mysteries, my consciousness empowers me to discover a profound meaning of life and creation. I rediscovered myself in Guwahati’s infinite beauties and mysteries; perhaps in the Japanese language of minimalism, this is all it takes to be happy.



As the Maestro had said: “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” We are pleased to say that you have done it. You have crossed all hurdles and reached this far to win an award in our festival. TIFF is dedicated to one of the most creative persons to live on this Earth.

Tagore International Film Festival (TIFF) abides by the path of Tagore and praises art in its truest forms and colours. We are pleased to honour you for being the Award Winner of its 41st Season.

Russian Institute of Cinema and Performing Arts Awards (RICPA) is an esteemed institution known for its commitment to nurturing talent and preserving the rich heritage of Russian and global cinema. It takes pride in introducing this unique cinematic celebration to the filmmaker’s community. RICPA believes that Filmmakers and their creativity can transform the world. We aim to promote the art of filmmaking and strengthen the power of Indie filmmakers to keep the world united in the language of Cinema. 

The esteemed jury members of the Russian Institute of Cinema and Performing Arts Awards have announced your project as the monthly winner of RICPA qualifying your documentary to compete in the RICPA FINALE.

Jaisalmer International Film Festival (JIFF) is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified International Live Screening Film Festival based in Jaisalmer, India.
Jaisalmer International Film Festival (JIFF) is pleased to inform that Harshada Pathare has snatched away the Winner position from the crowd of hundreds of promising filmmakers across the globe as  Award Winner of its 12th Season.

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