Love talks

“The most amazing trips are made are within an open heart! Intimate and universal, Love Talks is more than a poetry collection. Fall upon a caveat. A cue. A call to action. Harshada Pathare’s vast verses honor existence and its lifeblood: honest interconnection—art, as formed by melding separate souls.

Prepare for a pilgrimage. The terminus: unknown.

Along the way, you’ll wander hallowed halls and navigate nature’s raw splendor. Cozy cafés, spattered studios, and delicious dreamscapes await. Take a moonlit promenade beneath a pantheistic sky that glints with possibility. Discover—rediscover—what it means to truly feel . . .

Surrender to the sacred spell of love — Like a messenger from gentler times, Harshada reminds readers to slow down, settle in, and drink of the sweetest enigmas. Dreamers, modern mavens, lovers — set aside a slate of time, and contemplate the timeless.”

A Piece of Paradise

their dreams, develop positive mindset and revive their own cerebral strength.

‘A Piece of Paradise’ stirs the deep intimate feelings, helps us to realize the true passion of being loved by someone and of loving someone.

The poems would compel the readers to concentrate and imagine beyond the surface provoking them to think deeply on the meaning engulfed in them.

The author has sketched poems that generate blissful meaning in our lost, hassled lifestyles, and embrace new thoughts and perspectives.

The author has fashioned her own personage to express the insights of emotional bonds and to rigorously evoke them.

‘’A Piece of Paradise’’, the second poetic compilation filled with naturalness, gentleness, mysticism marks the growth of Harshada Pathare as a poet.

You Complete Me

In Harshada Pathare’s collection of poetry You Complete Me, the intellectual and ecstatic passions of life are explored, from motherhood to romantic love. No subject is too small for examination, nor unworthy of comparison to universal and great truths. In the title poem, ‘You Complete Me’, the speaker praises and expresses admiration for the resiliency of his beloved despite the conflict and troubles she has endured, and invokes his hopes for their relationship and future together. The relationship is celebrated as both spiritual and everyday in its domestic quality. In her fourth poetry collection, Pathare pursues the extremes of human relationships, friendship, and spiritual ideals. Her meditations on motherhood, religion, and romantic love illustrate her quest for universal truths. Unhesitating in offering life lessons to the reader, she confronts the pain of transition and growth, promising redemption through belief in a divine mission.

Oceanic Heart

Oceanic Heart is an intriguing creation of original poetry which guides the reader with a glimpse of the author’s views and perspectives pertaining to the myriad aspects of life. The splendor of the Garden of Eden, sculpture of Lustful bond of Adam & Eve has long fascinated both artists and scholars throughout human ages. The Author has brushed a bountiful description of love on vivid canvas of Oceanic Heart. The Author conveys feelings of remorse for pledges not kept, the pain caused to both giver & receiver eloquently expressed in the sentimental verses. Yes, not vast in volume but the creation is best, significant in message revealing a creative and insightful mind to share. For those dear readers who propagate such traits, this entertaining and thought provoking lyrical prose awaiting. What else can you gift your valentine better than this?

Your Majesty

Unique and modern, ‘Your Majesty’ packed with beautiful offerings of poems full of genuine passion and courageous thoughts that will move the readers. The poems themselves are striking in their intent and assertion, a real delight to read and share.
Since the beginning, Saints, philosophers, writers have always explored the theme of love in diverse forms. Love has been medium of expression for them to propagate their ideologies in the minds of masses or to seek enlightenment and eternal peace. Love has a universal appeal and the feeling is felt by every single being on the earth. The objective to write poems on the majesty of this feeling is that there are infinite emotions and bonding to be shared in myriad ways. We love our family, friends, nature, pets, self, health, life there are no set boundaries to define or specify the amorphous existence of love.
In this anthology mixed with love and commitment, the writer has expressed unconditional love as a powerful enigma of sacrifice and trust. The best poems written by Harshada that feature the best loved moments and remembrances are ‘Your Majesty’, ‘For our baby’, ‘Street Crossing’. The magic of these poems drives you down to the old lane of memories filled with interest and pleasure.

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