CALL FOR A NAME – The Breakthrough In Motherhood

“Name is a source of existence on the earth, embodies your living existence, creates your identity for and even after lifetime to be cherished. And what when this Name becomes your painful truth, unwanted realization, a sad reminder that can be never forgotten?”


Among all the human rights laws, the most reformed and changing laws are those linked to women’s social, economic, and political rights to protect them with pride and dignity.

Still, there is an urgent necessity to look into some neglected sufferings, to create a better tomorrow.

Some of the Indian mothers, for some reasons and conditions, are either abandoned by husbands or career-oriented single women with adopted kids. The awful reality is that those children are regularly suffering from such a cautious glance of society on them giving them a feeling of shame or inferiority. Those precious children like other kids with complete family should be given their entire rights to grow up, live respectfully, and interact with their society, disregarding the conditions which were completely out of their hands.

The neglected law should pay attention to those children, while at the same time assure their right of identity on their mother’s name and surname.

Let’s share an in-depth discussion of the Indian women’s miserable fate, why are they calling for an option for giving their name and surnames to their children. Such surnames may be optional depending on the prevailing circumstances.


Traditionally, in India, single individuals were absolute, supposed to be the male member responsible for the family’s livelihood, whereas such tradition is continuing. Perhaps being single for a man is more acceptable in India than a woman. However, the number of single Indian women is on the rise in India due to the changing culture and lifestyle. Divorce in India was not there based on the Indian culture, religions, and social stigma until the recent survey shows an increase in the number of divorce and separation cases.

(Statistics of New Indian Express: – 5000 nos of divorce cases are pending and 5-10 cases are added per month as of 5 Jan 2016)

However, what if an Indian woman found herself alone? Studies of social affairs in India found out that deserted, separated, and divorced women experience serious issues, basically in financial and social acceptance matters, whereas the result is that those single mothers are struggling to raise their kids to be respected persons in society.

Women have not the right to be unanticipated to come across, against any efforts to juggle around with almost any culture’s judgment of her own body.

Starting from the age of the Virgin Mary to the age of Barbie, females have been provided with certain ambiguous models for a whole in their personified living, which merge asexuality through hyperactive sexuality in incomprehensible and odd ways. (Bhardwai, 2005). 

The external aspects involve issues about family life. Many respondents – both male and female – agreed that family considerations were important reasons for not applying for promotions or transfers or overseas opportunities.

Recently, there are NGOs as well as upcoming welfare groups to assist Indian single mothers in coping with society, change, and rehabilitating them. This situation sheds light on the need for children’s surnames.


The matter is no longer radical when keeping the mother’s name, merging her surname with a specified hyphen, or even invents a new distinguished surname as a known couple, but alternatively what is true; still radical is that to give the children their mothers’ surnames.

In the preservative community of India, it is of course not such common practices. Just around 18% of females are still keeping their names upon marriage. However, such percentage is down noticeably. Yet, when considering a specified status, such as in case the child’s mother is not actually marrying his/ her father and still raising him/ her alone, this sufferer mother may desire to give her surname to her child.

When looking at such a creative idea of giving the child his mother’s name, one should be cautious and be apart from considering it feminism. Simply, when giving the child’s his mother’s name, such name is her father’s. This means that male-hood will be still demonstrating in society.

While looking at such an idea, still one should admit that the great Artist, Picasso was named with his mother’s. We think that the matter will be better to give the child his mother’s name, instead of that of his absent fathers.

There will be endless benefits on the behalf of those distinguished children, in particular when there is such a miserable absence of non-dutiful fathers. Advantages can be gained for the children’s sake, while the most important thing is the awakening of the public’s opinions.

Such change can highly, create a distinguished difference in our society. Initially, it can preserve the heritage. In addition, it can prevent the status of homeless for children and helps the mothers to get bonus and rewards at work, in case she is employed by employers with entire sympathies.


In conclusion, one should understand that such a simple request could transform suffering into a motive for self-realization. There should be a fight for the respectable identity in this preservative society whereas single mothers, deserted mothers, divorced mothers still have a long road to go. Single mothers are facing everything with a distinguished smile while doing everything for the benefit of their kids apart from being bogged down by their society. To be a woman is supposed to be, such a separated and independent entity.

It is an understanding of the female self-hood, national identity, and the female’s role in society.


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– Harshada Pathare

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