Know yourself as a Creative Being

Know yourself as a Creative Being

From Human Beings to Energy Beings

We all live an active, dynamic life that rarely leaves a lot of free time. Engaged in the rush that surrounds us, with no peace of mind and body.

From the depths of human nature, gaze outside to the greater world of nature and cosmos to understand yourself. Penetrate inside to discover the component of spiritual constituent secretly embedded that bestows creative identity upon each human being. We are spiritual beings brimming with the powers of the universe inside us and so powerful are our powers that we can be accorded the title of Creator. Often, I think, only because we are born from the earth with mortal origin should we be called human or do we deserve a better identity.

 We are Energy Beings:

The universe extends beyond our imagination or observation. There are billions of galaxies expanding and bursting at a point in time, some percent of the universe is visible to our eyes but we all know that 70% of the universe is dark matter. Till date, we are not able to know anything about dark matter except that light cannot escape inside it. The universe is interconnected, from the smallest star to the gigantic galaxies in the unified field of gravitational energy. The universe is made up of pure energy which is the real productive force that creates life in the universe.

Look at the enchanting background of the dark sky, filled with twinkling stars and moon; from the remnants of those stars and the dust of dark patches of each trailing starlight spectrum we were formed.

We are made up of trillions of atoms filled with energy that makes our body electrical. In our heart electrical activity is constantly going on without any interruption for a milli-second, you can measure that activity with Electrocardiograph.

Our body consists of tissues and organs; going deep inside the tissues and organs you will find cells that are further divided into blood cells, skin cells, etc. Each cell is like a battery with 1.4 voltage per cell (assume we have 40 trillion cells in our body), then calculate the total voltage inside us. Can you believe the figure?

The cells are made up of membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm but most important are mitochondria referred to as engine or cellular power plants of cells. The cells are made up of molecules which are made up of atoms, further broken down into electrons, protons, neutrons – Sub-atomic particles consisting of pure energy as explained in Quantum physics. You may have heard the word, ‘Chi’ which means pure energy emerging from humans which is powerful for healing and creating a constructive effect.

By now, all of you will agree with me that we are not Human Beings. We can now proudly declare that we are ENERGY BEINGS.

As we go deeper and deeper few thoughts arise that, “Did the universe sent us on the earth as Energy beings only to live a physical and mortal life? Do our energies and waves of vibration have the potential to create like the colossal universe? Is it something more God wanted us to do for his creation? What? How? Why?”

This is true they say with great pride,

Man descended from celestial heights,

To emerge from the earth’s milky womb

And experience worldly charms like a mortal,

Greed caused pain, love bestowed happiness,

Passion infused fulfillment, desires evoked sins

So much that the gift of spiritual powers was lost,

One birth wheeled the journey of reincarnations

Still, as man and woman adorned the image of Gods,

To be called ‘Human Beings’ won the accolade from all


From Energy Beings to Creative Beings:

Take care of your health to live long, manage your time efficiently to be productive, and meditate to improve your mind power but what about the energy stored inside your body.

Our body is a storehouse of massive energy – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual which cannot be defined or imagined by anyone. In deeper thoughts, the universe has brought the man on the earth to be a source of life and a medium of creation. Energy beings are brought on the earth in a pure form unaware of any discriminations, unclouded by any desires or manipulations to contribute something significant and sustainable to the world. God has brought on the earth not energy beings but a message of thousand creations, a message of great revelations, a message of change as a natural part of evolution, and a message of deeper awareness.

We are Energy Beings, born in the image of God responsible to love other living and non-living beings, utilize our skills and intellect with greater resonance, and sustain his marvelous creation. These energies flow to us from the will of God so that our intelligence, skills, emotions, spiritual power are in a ubiquitous union with the essence of God, his manifestations, and his creative energies.

As energy beings, we should harness our energies to conceive, create, cultivate, construct, so that each one of us, in some way or another can participate in God’s act of creating. We cannot let the divine energies just drain away and lose our opportunity to be connected with the higher self, higher purpose, higher revelation. 

We are amazing beings of energy but just possessing the energy within us is not enough. Take a step further, engage your energies, unleash your divine brilliance, beckon your ancient wisdom and revive yourself not as Energy Beings but as Creative Beings.

From Energy Beings to Creative Beings:

Every human is a creator and creativity is our distinctive ability. The power to create is the biggest blessings conferred upon humans by God. Human beings have the potential to think, create and develop any ideas as the proclivity to create is inherited from the Almighty God itself. If we study the amazing powers locked in human beings, it is crystal-clear that human beings of such power, thinking abilities, survival skills, imagination, spiritual consciousness have not originated from an ape but the God seated in the heavens looking down upon us in admiration and concern. He has bestowed his legacy of creation to us with complete freedom and trust that we will care for his creation and other living beings. We are born here to think, create, develop some ideas or inventions or thoughts or contribute something that can be of value to all of us. Our creations have the true power to make us immortal, our energy is immortal and is transferred to the universe after our death. Even if we are not alive, our energies are omnipresent in the universe.

Our energy needs to be recharged, and it can be recharged only when it is utilized; it can be used for a technological invention or even for teaching children how to think or even for creating a new recipe or taking care of sick animals or for planting trees but it needs to be used.

Think of some ideas, try to transfigure them into a tangible or intangible form, evaluate the benefits or value of your idea, communicate it to other creative beings, collaborate to further improve or develop the idea, reinforce the idea with improvements, be proud to take the accountability of your idea and thank God for giving you this superb power of creation.

Creation is not just creating babies, products, big inventions even the smallest idea that can be of value to any living beings maybe the tinniest creature on earth is a creation. Educating children is an act of creation as you are nurturing the thinking process in the small minds, watering the plants is an act of creation as you are giving water to the plants to survive, loving animals is an act of creation as you are spreading love on the earth and in nature. Yes, if we go deep and deeper in the act of creation, we may realize that creation is an infinite cosmic ocean and the creative powers are the ripples in the ocean that continue to awaken and rise the waves of creative abilities to expand the infinite radius of the ocean.

As we gain full awareness about creation, experience the true beauty of creation, we open up to the infinite magnitudes of energy consciousness and join the divine movement of consciousness. Every thought, action, conceivable idea is divine and originates from the higher powers of creation – GOD, it is connected to the energy consciousness and has the underlying cosmic power to expand and enrich other creations.

You need to join this divine movement of consciousness as it is incomplete without your participation. You need to start creating, using your creative powers, enriching your creative abilities as you are not an energy being but a Creative being. You are born to create, creation is your religion and to create is your primitive duty.

Welcome to your origin, Know yourself as a Creative Being!

Harshada Pathare

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