Mood Struck


Like water bodies my mood swings,

To and fro, back and forth,

Creating an quirky universe unlike usual

Gravity creates high and low tides,

Else pulls me on the other side

From shore my mind pushes me to offshore

I meditate upon the calm waters

Heal my soul with rocks and crystals

Sun, breeze and moon relaxes my moods

I dig up the heavens to find my lost peace,

Even beneath the earth it is not buried

I create a dance to vibrate like God Shiva,

Feel the pulse of divine consciousness moving around,

In one breath I explored the wilderness of Amazon forest,

In one sip I swallowed the persistence of river Nile

Immersed in deep trance I dissolved in the infinite,

Recreating and creating from the energy of divine

Engrossed in the cosmic act of swirling in galaxies,

The ecstasy transformed my simple life into sacred art

The spirited, playful dance journey moulded me,

From a swinging momentum to a creating manifestation

– Harshada Pathare

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