How to not develop a Excuse mindset.

Excuse Generator

Excuses…..excuses…..excuses…Falling short of silly, and wacky excuses…download the Excuse generator app.

Do you want to avoid any responsibility or not take the onus of any work…just scroll the excuse generator app on your device and get an excuse.

You want to make someone lazy …show them this app. Slowly, like a slow poisoning method continue teaching them to use the app and frame excuses to avoid some work.

You want to protect yourself from expressing true emotions or speaking the truth…this app is to your rescue.

Now, do you realize the importance of Excuses – the younger siblings of lies?

The Excuse Trap

This app is an essential asset for lazy, good for nothing and evasive people with a love to procrastinate things.

If you look in the spectrum of most successful people, you will know that they never used excuses for any purpose. According to research studies, excuses are the main reason we settle for less and it is not related to minimalism but unproductivity or limited use of skills and talent. It is not possible to have a ‘No Excuse’ approach in our life, at some point, we all have to give excuses for some reason.

However, it is very important to have fewer excuses and become more positive, persuasive, and focused on unlocking our potential. Excuses are hurdles that need to be thrown away if you want your growth momentum to progress. Read the inspirational stories of people who struggled against all odds, chaos, and stereotypes to create a legacy of champions. The only universal secret of achievement – “No Excuses.”

An app is not a human being. It is a virtually created robotic program that will continue to generate myriad excuses as and when needed. The purpose or the selling USP of the app is that it can provide you the best, unused excuses for any setup understanding the gravity of the situation. The wow factor is that the given excuses can fetch you the desired results.

But are these the results you really want to define your future? Remember, the results built on excuses are nothing but bureaucratic bottlenecks that will plague your financial, social, professional, and personal spectrums sooner or later.


Though the excuse generator app is very much in demand to protect us from unwanted questions, it existed even before the invention of technology. We have this app installed in our cognitive memory and it operates consciously or subconsciously with or without our awareness. No one ever taught us the art of making excuses, but we may have ingrained it from our surroundings, and even learned to use it from our childhood to get what we want.

You want to miss your school then make an excuse that you are unwell. You didn’t do your homework and now to avoid punishment you give an excuse that your grandparent was in a serious health crisis.

No school introduced this chapter of excuses to us, it is not known from where we learned it and when it started controlling us. The way it is impossible for us to live without the internet, neither we can manage without excuses? 

“Excuses so infectious that they start proliferating once allowed access.”

Excuses seem to be helpful at times, but in reality, they are built on a foundation of lies and mistrust that can never have a sustainable impact. When you realize that excuses are nothing at that moment you will prefer to boldly speak a YES or a NO.

It is important for us not to fall into the trap of excuses. Excuse builds excuses, constraining our potential and ability to perform. We jump into the pitfall of excuses to avoid responsibility or results, trimming our personal development. The first step to knock down the use of excuses is to overcome fear and the trance of negativity. We need to know that excuses can never change the outcome or results. Excuses lead us to the dead-end.

Why are excuses indispensable?

What is the secret charm that excuses hold to lure us? We need to do research about why do we give excuses and what do we achieve by speaking it? How can we block the operation of self-generating excuses from our human minds? Why do we prefer to give excuses, to whom and what are the real motives behind it? A No-excuse strategy can be a guide to create an out-innovating, and out-hustling mindset that can enhance our thinking abilities.

Even, experts agree that there is no specific time frame for breaking habits. But you need to start from somewhere. Let us discuss the ‘READ’ model to reduce the dependency on excuses.

  1. Research
  2. Exploring
  3. Analysis
  4. Direction

Research – We need the research using the WHY, WHY analysis method. Why do we need to give excuses – the pros and cons. What did we achieve by giving excuses and what could have happened if we had spoken the truth? Did we do the right thing by giving excuses? Why do we need the lame excuses?

Exploring – the outcomes generated by giving excuses and not giving excuses. The logic that forced us to give excuses. We can consider a hypothetical situation by eliminating excuses and considering the inferences.

Analysis – Once the purpose is clearly understood, we should then analyze the logical reasoning and consider the elimination of excuses in a certain setup. We should try to first start with our family members, friends and slowly graduate to a professional setup. It is important to register in our mind that Excuses are weak shields that can never protect our confidence or self-esteem. Please, understand that by giving out excuses whose growth are you fulfilling?

Direction – Let’s put our words to the task. We can think of starting one day in a week as a No-excuse day and then extending it to a week or month. No one can completely eradicate the use of excuses but we can try to keep it at a bare minimum level. Learning through the examples of successful leaders and powerful visionaries we should learn to face any situation with willpower, enthusiasm, and intelligence. Despite the significant fear of certain situations, we should take a step ahead and accept the accountability rather than making an excuse. Start blazing a trail that inspires fearlessness and truth…very few can follow you.


The excuse is a lame weapon that is hazardous to the user.

Summing up all our talks and thoughts, we have agreed that excuses are the little, unseen steps that successfully take us to the path of failure or loss.

The rational use of excuses justifies only your thoughts, opinions, and mistakes. Your excuses don’t affect the listener as he is not even aware that it is a lie. Excuses breed and continue to multiple inside you, so it is not the listener but your mental health is affected. You can give excuses whenever you are blocked down by obstacles or lousiness. The only area of concern is that you are not recognizing your fall. You are drowning in the sea of excuses alone.

Remember, that successful leaders and visionaries never used excuses in their life. The only competencies known to them are –Integrity, Hard work, dedication, and a No-Excuse mindset. If you want to reach the pinnacle of success then you need to stop excuse-making.

“We need to stop manufacturing poor, weak, cheap, pitiable excuses and follow righteousness with courage.”

– Harshada Pathare

Emboss the ‘No Excuses, No Escape’ principle in your mind. Certainly, you will reap the benefits that you have sown. It can take time but it will reach you one way or another way. You may be rich in excuses but you can never use those excuses to build your bright destiny. Excuses are the mask that protects us from confessing our crime, guilt, or sad feelings. It is possible that excuses help us to avoid our acceptance and accountability but can we blindfold our inner self?

Life is a wonderful journey; each moment is worth living with joy and happiness. Then why should we waste our energy in finding excuses to blame, hurt, and fight with anyone? Let’s enrich the quality of our life and bring more excellence to our personal and professional life. The outcome will make us more responsible, positive, and energetic. Be strict and say no to excuses and escapes. I am sure, no one wants to live a life only rich in excuses. The No-Excuse mindset can be your powerful ally if you want to forge ahead with an extraordinary path of brilliance.

Please, don’t spoil your life by indulging in the illegal game of excuses.

– Harshada Pathare

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