Did You Ever Know?

Did You Ever Know

Did You Ever Know?

I have touched you a million times,

Did you ever see the imprints of my touch?

I have imagined you in a million forms,

Did you ever feel the lightning in your heart?

I began to draw you in my private notebook,

Did you ever see the colors splash on your soul?

I started to script delightful stories about you,

Did you ever think you were becoming someone’s story?

I have expressed my feelings in silence many times,

Did you ever sense a lonely heart longing to love?

I have sung a love song for you every midnight,

Did you ever hear the rhythms floating on the breeze?

I have seen you in the sunsets and sunrises,

Did you ever feel the spark to recreate someone’s life?

I have sent you countless kisses till my lips got dry,

Did you ever get drenched in sweet, white waters?

I have crossed your path many times to see your smile,

Did you ever notice a welcome sign tattooed somewhere?

I have proposed to you innumerable times,

Did you receive these million messages that seek an answer?

Harshada Pathare

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