Innovation & Design Thinking Skills – The Most Effective Strategies for Improvement in an Individual


Innovation Skills : The most effective strategies for improvement in an Individual.

Personal growth is a long, ongoing process that takes years of hard work, dedication, and exploration. It is aimed at helping an individual reach his full potential in different life spheres.
Modern life pace leaves people with too little time to develop as individuals and explore their talents and skills, which I personally believe to be a serious obstacle on one’s way to success. Unfortunately, most people around you and maybe yourself as well struggle with topical issues such as insecurities, low self-esteem, shaky professional productivity, low wages, insufficient professionalism, socialization problems, harmful habits, health issues, romantic life failures, emotional breakdowns, and others. People tend to blame society, political figures, national and global financial crisis, but never themselves.
It takes bravery and wisdom to admit that your happiness and wealth is in your own hands since it instantly puts you in charge.
Do you like being in charge of your life and enjoy changing harmonies in your life’s song as you encounter challenges and the complicated situation on your way? Most of us are raised to become perfect conformists, meaning we are trained to live in accordance with social norms. Traditional life strategies and approaches serve as a stabilizing element, but they do not let you progress as an individual and a professional. Innovation mindset, instead, can help broaden one’s horizons and realize new opportunities.

How can you achieve your goal in life and enjoy witnessing constant professional growth?
Innovation is the keyword determining progress, whether in relation to personal growth or business success. One person can make a big change simply by finding a way to streamline a process, to cut expenses or to increase efficiency. An innovative mindset is a moving power and the сore factor determining an individual’s success in the 21st Century.

How to build your innovation skills and design thinking skills in particular?

Design thinking was adapted for business and strategic purposes by Faste’s Stanford colleague David M. Kelley, who founded the design consultancy IDEO in 1991. Moving ahead, Richard Buchanan’s 1992 article “Wicked Problems in Design Thinking” expressed a broader perspective of design thinking as addressing intractable human concerns/problems through design and designer’s mindset.

Design thinking as a strategy for innovation is a fairly new concept promising a better future. When design principles are applied to strategy and innovation the success rate for innovation dramatically improves. People really want to think like designers and apply designer thinking skills in their daily professional activities since design thinking is the core of effective strategy development and organizational change. Are you interested in taking your skills to the next level, so you can solve complex problems, and find desirable solutions for clients? The design thinking principle is based on a mindset that is focused on solutions instead of problems and draws upon logic, imagination, intuition and systemic reasoning. Take advantage of expert Design thinking skills coaching to take your professional approach to the next level.

Nigel Cross (2007), in his book Designerly Ways of Knowing, says, “Everything we have around us has been designed. Design ability is, in fact, one of the three fundamental dimensions of human intelligence. Design, science, and art when blended together form a relationship to create the incredible human cognitive ability.”

A framework for designed thinking integrates the following eight classic creative problem-solving (CPS) with art and design methodologies:

Design thinking strategy opens unrivaled possibilities for ongoing organic growth, higher employee engagement and business progress in general. Mastering design thinking skills is a perfect way to start generating creative ideas and discovering the best solutions under predetermined conditions.


As far as frugal innovation, design thinking formula is a potent tool helping to create perfect conditions for ongoing growth and progress. Constraints turned into an advantage – this concept stands at the base of frugal innovation. Using methods that neutralize the negative effects of resource scarcity, poor infrastructure in a way to create affordable and accessible products is a crucial step to building a better world for future generations, and supporting the poor.

By minimizing the use of resources in development, production, and delivery, or by leveraging them in new ways, frugal innovation results in dramatically lower-cost products and services. Apparently, frugal innovation is a major social mission and a perfect strategy for achieving bigger results with less effort and investments.

The idea of frugal innovation originates in India. Necessity is the mother of all inventions and it literally pushes ordinary people into mastering their mundane yet prodigious thinking.  Indian frugal innovations shook the world and pushed world-known companies such as Google, PepsiCo, Philips, Renault-Nissan, Siemens, Facebook, Suzlon, Tata Group, and Yes Bank into practicing various principles of jugaad or frugal innovation.

Are you interested in more information and innovative mindset coaching? The innovative author shares her unique view on life, goals, habits, and their impacts on career achievements, personal growth, financial success, work productivity, and life satisfaction level in general.  Follow me to discover the world’s best personal growth and self-improvement strategies to take your life to a new level.

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