I am the Gallery


I am the Gallery

I am the powerful madness that believes,

It is better to be crazy than to be boring

I like to be perfect and stay the best,

Whenever I make a mistake, I do laugh

And simply quote a poem to move on 

I laugh loudly and it does irritate people around,

It seems as if they are living and dead at same time

They tried to manipulate me and make me a prisoner,

Follow the herds and never say any contrarian words

You can’t tame me for I am the madness that creates,

A little sanctuary for myself to explore and fidget

I am fully-fledged and love to paint besides the lamp-light,

Lots of books, strokes of paints that never left indoors

I am harsh on the canvas when in deep pain,

I write and speak words, as I am not born in silence

People do criticize, analyze, and condemn me,

They think I am a spider in an ambit of stars

But it is from a spider the art of weaving descended,

A spider has innate skills to make silk threads,

Spin them in nifty patterns of radials and orbs

I have a good set of values yet break some rules,

It is not that I am an unprincipled crook,

But sometimes I do patch with sensible lies

I believe in an empty, dark universe,

Made up of chaos, sounds and waves

But I also believe in a God that molds,

The universe into a living abode for the insane

Pull out the bubble wrap, see the leaning canvas

Look around the paintings that speak my stories

I am the GALLERY… breathing the paints and pain

Harshada Pathare

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