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The Following

Everything seems ordinary in Kalki’s life. Working as a freelancer and living with her mother, the only thing that makes Kalki’s life extraordinary is her relationship with her high-profile, billionaire boyfriend. Until, one day, her world is tipped upside down and she starts to see ghosts, and discovers that she possesses the supernatural ability to heal the dead.

In this thrilling paranormal romance novel, you are welcome to enter a world of ghosts, soothsayers, saints, and paranormal occurrences as Kalki journeys to unravel the truth about life and death.

Is Kalki prepared to fulfill her destiny and discover her true purpose?

Will she find the answers she so desperately seeks?

In The Following, join Kalki as she travels to the mystic land of Kashi to find out how to uninstall her superpowers and live a common life.


Mega-Winner of the contest

Navi Mumbai Chamber of Business & Industry (NMCBI) is an exclusive esteemed chamber established under Central Government Notification. Headquartered in CBD Belapur, NMCBI is an exclusive leader’s community for leadership networking and lifelong learning.

Navi Mumbai Chambers of Business & Industries (NMCBI) in association with India Coaching Federation (ICF) hosted the India Bloggers & Content Writers awards on 30th April 2022.

India Top 100 Women Icon Awards

Foxclues is widely known marketing and research companies in India.
Recently, it released the second list of ‘India Top 100 Women Icon Awards’ to honor various hardworking women of our society who didn’t compromise at society’s standards, who weren’t afraid to dream big.

The team had 6000 Nominations out of which Harshada Pathare was selected as an awardee. The Event was held on 28th November 2021 at Delhi.

We congratulate, Harshada on her trending achievement!

India Top 100 Women Icon Awards

In this digital era, information is the real wealth and Glantor X believes that everyone has the right for accurate information.It’s principles placed it on the top of the list. As they say, ‘The skill speaks for itself’, it holds completely true for Glantor X.
Apart from its journalistic capabilities, it is greatly known for its involvement in societal missions. Its initiatives to help people develop and ensure proper recognition are greatly appreciated. It is always a step ahead in terms of benefaction. It is widely known that, as a part of this, it launched a string of award ceremonies to identify, appreciate and honor the hardworking people of different fields and categories for the skin they have put in the game and the contributions they made for the society. People who dedicated a part of their lives for the betterment of the society need to be spotlighted and appreciated. Such people are being identified and honored with ‘Glantor X 100 Powerful Personalities’ by Glantor X.

Harshada Pathare was considered as ‘Glantor X 100 Powerful Personalities’

India Top 100 Women Icon Awards

Jaisalmer International Film Festival (JIFF) is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified International Live Screening Film Festival based in Jaisalmer, India.
Jaisalmer International Film Festival (JIFF) is pleased to inform that Harshada Pathare has snatched away the Winner position from the crowd of hundreds of promising filmmakers across the globe as  Award Winner of its 12th Season.

India Top 100 Women Icon Awards

As the Maestro had said: “You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” We are pleased to say that you have done it. You have crossed all hurdles and reached this far to win an award in our festival. TIFF is dedicated to one of the most creative persons to live on this Earth.

Tagore International Film Festival (TIFF) abides by the path of Tagore and praises art in its truest forms and colours. We are pleased to honour you for being the Award Winner of its 41st Season.

India Top 100 Women Icon Awards

Russian Institute of Cinema and Performing Arts Awards (RICPA) is an esteemed institution known for its commitment to nurturing talent and preserving the rich heritage of Russian and global cinema. It takes pride in introducing this unique cinematic celebration to the filmmaker's community. RICPA believes that Filmmakers and their creativity can transform the world. We aim to promote the art of filmmaking and strengthen the power of Indie filmmakers to keep the world united in the language of Cinema.
The esteemed jury members of the Russian Institute of Cinema and Performing Arts Awards have announced your project as the monthly winner of RICPA qualifying your documentary to compete in the RICPA FINALE.

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