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May the elements of creation abide within me in perfection

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Harshada Pathare

I simply love to study and understand the big unsolved question of human life – Human conditions and use my power of written craft to enrapture all the characteristics, situations, events, needs, emotions required for its survival.

The challenge is to draw realistic information or conclusions about people, masses, value systems, cultural confluences, life circumstances, choices, social upheaval and employ these in my writings of true stories, articles, quotes to empower my readers.

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Beyond all treasures, books have immortal longings in them as they are full of words, ideas, thoughts, emotions, impulses, intelligence, desires and memories…

A Piece of Paradise

Your Majesty

You Complete Me

Oceanic heart

My blog , my thoughts!

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Yudhishthira: The Higher Hero!

Mahabharata is a mega-saga full of enigmatic personalities, powerful matriarchs, invincible warriors, philosophical believers, and tormented heroes. In this article, author analyse the character of Yudhishthira and his true spirit of a hero.

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Flavors of life, frugal ideas, fresh thoughts, struggling to find me

Hitting the keyboard hard and harder to finish manuscript of "Endless Connect" - love anthology speaks about how the soul continues the journey of incarnations only to connect with true endless love.

Frugal idea - Trying to build my own cloud server to save $$$$$ 

Thinking fresh - in progress ##############

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Drinking a cup of tea can be the most powerful technique of meditation if done with complete mindfulness.

— Harshada Pathare
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