The Network to Connect Free


The network is here under the open sky not in the wired boxes or wireless connections. I stand at the edge of the horizon, seeing brighter things at rising and dreamlike Universes reflecting sounds and images that convey the brilliance of the Creator.

And, here I am…Homo Hominis…the core of this omnipotent universe, and the eternal energy to spark survival on the Terra.

The long evolutionary journey has processed us from the wild egregious species of great apes to a Superhuman. Through anatomical, creative, and intellectual superiority, humans have swept the floor of the Moon, Mars, and other planets and created non-stop miracles in every field of study.

“I am the producer of change and innovation, father of inventions, mother of creative thinking. In the race of progression, somewhere there are responsibilities I need to execute, and roles to perform during the journey of a lifetime.”

Human life bestows upon you an advantage – you have multiple roles and responsibilities in the family, society, and the world. We fulfill certain roles because they were based on motives or needs or obligations or compulsion. I strived to be the best in my family, friend circle, office, club, and other places. We ensured all of our members play an active role in the healthy functioning of our family. My aim was not only to develop good individuals in the family but also citizens with ethics and civic sense. Every decision revolved around how it would be of benefit to my family. I strived hard to meet the role of caregiver, counselor, financier, savior to my family. In return, I had no expectations but only blessings and wishes for my kin and kiths. The role of family members is the main catalyst that showers happiness; encourages insights and adds new perspectives to our life.

 The challenge is how to infuse a similar thought process in the mind of the upcoming generation. How to teach them family values and create a strong linkage between all the members. It is an arduous task to retrace the steps of our ancestors to mold the human values living in an age of AI edge.

In the world of AI automation and technological smartness, is not an easy task to nurture love, care, and respect.

The role outside the home is also somewhat the same in terms of professional life. We have roles and responsibilities, and we have to survive through intelligence and learning skills. At times, there are positive and negative aspects hindering our professional life. Though we maintain a clean line of separation between both arenas, they overlap. The structure of professional life is laid on the foundation of personal life creating equilibrium. The human consortium of our personal and professional establishes a positive relationship that transits a higher privilege of growth in our life.

At a social level, we interact and inspire to share ideas. How well we perform in our life, is a very important parameter in our social life.

Besides, our role in the family, society, organization, environment don’t we hoard any subtler obligations. What else is our soul connected with as we continue our living? To the best of my capacity, I enacted the intended roles planned for me by destiny. Still, around me revolves a mysterious vacuum, at times, that opens a divine revelation about God’s iniquitousness in numerous ways. How do I decode the sacred message sent by the Universe?

Is our life made up of only personal and professional components? 

While connecting outside, it is more essential to deeply connect inside…with your breathing and heartbeats. The vibrations of connecting are so powerful they can experience a healing process. I am thankful to God for the gift of human birth after a series of mutations. I am obliged to the Universe for nurturing me and shielding me with its divine grace. Living through this series of life, we have looked upon for spiritual guidance or divine messages and yet, missed showing our gratitude to the Universe. The Universe created a perfect living place, comforted our needs, guided us through Holy Scriptures, and blessed us abundantly. How often do we offer our thankfulness to the divine cosmos?

The Universe will never accept any material or non-material items from us except anything created from our mind – thoughts or vibes. There are no shortcuts to gain deeper insights into the spiritual cosmos and enhance our role play inside the spiritual circle. We have to traverse the long way with the faith that our efforts would renew our spiritual revelations. 

Much is known, more is to be learned, as we unveil our commitments to every creature on the earth, let us take some time to look up in the high skies and ponder. There is someone who charted out the best living room for us with abundant sunrise, flourishing greenery for healthy living, night stars for relaxing, challenges for developing your belief, showering his eternal grace upon us for prosperity.

Perhaps, somewhere a smiling face is looking at us without any expectations but a trust that you believe the Universe loves us all. 

Maybe, till we understand the pages of spiritual research; let’s begin small repayment to God by loving him and his exquisite creation.

Let’s play our unique role for God we never did for anyone else! 

Come on, let’s get connected to the Universe, the network is available always…search and freely connect.

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