Whatever You Say, Say It With Conviction…

Say It With Convictions

‘Convictions backed with a deep reasoning power are capable of creating and dissolving realities .’

In the world of artificial intelligence and technological rise, Conviction has become a rare attribute. The mechanism of convictions worked very well eons ago during the period of the Stone age. Today, considering the uncertainty, and changing landscape of human behavior and neurology, the science of convictions needs a reintroduction.

Your convictions are not only the monumental pillars that design your life but also make a universal sense to your mind. Some convictions can be silent in nature but they should act as a guidepost to keep your going. Even in the tough times, your convictions motivate you to follow the path of commitment. When everything is dark, and you have no words to speak, that is the time when only convictions will whisper in your ears. You need to hear only those whispers of strength…and inspiration.

It is important that your inner conviction have a sense of purpose and empowerment that will eventually turf you. To create an impact in life, it is essential that you are backed up with inner convictions and courage. As mentioned by a few life coaches, you need to do an analysis of whether your convictions are stable, strong, and powerful or weak and unstable. After the deep study, you have to eradicate your weak, unstable, and unwanted convictions so that you don’t run behind everything and all the things. As the Universal laws quote, whatever you believe with conviction, will become reality. This thinking was vested by leaders, seers, and other influential people to convince others and create a legacy.

Strong leaders with conviction can create an environment of positivity and chose the best course of action, that can be followed by everyone. Neurological experts have said that mirror neurons unconsciously absorb the belief and emotional state that put us at ease. It is clearly evident, that people with conviction can show us the bigger picture with clarity and certainty. Leaders with strong convictions put their follower’s brains at ease so that they concentrate on the tasks and bring in higher results.

The power of a belief is reflected when we are in a dilemma, standing on the edge of the horizon, willing to stake our existence only on a conviction. Every individual irrespective of their age, status, or role, all of them have a conviction to hold on in life. If you have no beliefs, opinions, or convictions of our own, then you are stumbling to anyone’s hearsay. Without conviction, you have a thoughtless mind, irrational approach, and no reasoning power

To know what defines conviction precisely, you need to have answers to these three questions –

1.) What do you believe?

2.) What are the values, beliefs, reasons that establish your convictions?

3.) What are the sacrifices you can give to hold on to your convictions?

4.) How far are you willing to go with your convictions?

5.) How will your convictions create a positive impact on society?

Walking ahead with your convictions, you need to keep a positive mindset, disciplined approach, and a burning passion to endure the odds. Conviction is the courage that never lets you fall during personal tragedies, professional setbacks, and crises. Conviction plays the role of a trailblazer in creating a sustainable impact in the mind of society.

Conviction knows the truth without seeing it, understands the deepest mysteries without solving it, and knows the eternal purpose of your existence without anyone telling it. Though it is abstract terminology; it has the power to unleash your inexhaustible potential and talents. And only conviction can draw a distinguishing line to separate the ordinary and extraordinary within you.

Through the Universal mind, convictions draw a vision, mission, and personal value systems that can enlighten your life’s purpose. Your inner convictions, courage, and conscience are the pillars that make the foundation of your life unshakeable. The extraordinary thing about conviction is that it motivates you to do the right thing – no matter how the depth of darkness.

Can there be any transformation without conviction?

Every individual has convictions about good and bad, or right and wrong. It may sound a bit of fantasy but your convictions are your soul’s strength. Ancients regarded convictions as spiritual wisdom or treasure of the soul. This is a simple and clear matter, there comes in the life of every individual a certain juncture, or crisis that can cripple his conviction or bid him do evil in the name of right. That is the moment to relook, introspect, reevaluate your options and recreate a strategy to do the amendments.

There are two types of people with inner convictions and passionate convictions that experience a different intellectual conscience and experiential wisdom. People thriving with passionate convictions see the world through their lens of passion and interpret everything with their senses, harmonizing on their personal notes. It is not gifts, talents, or treasures that will inspire great happenings but persistent and concrete convictions that will reshape the world. And it is worth being on the side of one person with strong convictions instead of a hundred people with weak convictions.

So, sustain your perseverance with a Never Quit Approach – let your convictions breathe free, and sooner or later you will feel the bliss.

What else is essential for a journey of a lifetime other than Convictions?

Harshada Pathare

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