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There are many ways in the market to get your ultimate figure. The desire to have a muscular and robust body is evident in men and women do put lots of pressure to gain a slim and trim figure that would give them a stunning look. The massive muscle anatomy and body shaping fetch billions of revenues in the economy through diet products, herbal products, gym centers, slimming equipment, cosmetic surgeries, protein supplements, and even, fat reducing supplements and medicines. This market segment will never see a fall until a major catastrophe hits the sky. The reason is obvious; everyone wants to look beautiful like a fashion model and conform to the social standards of beauty.

But is beauty only about the body? Most of our ancient books and wise fellows have always emphasized, “Beauty is all about having a loving heart and a clear and balanced mind. A beautiful mind can open up the insights to intelligence, and creativity.”

The real power within us lies not in our brawny muscles or tough heart but in our subconscious inner minds. A stupendous quantum of wisdom lies in our brain which needs to be harnessed by each one of us. As per our great scientists, we humans utilize only 10% of our brainpower…… Yes, only 10%, it’s a fact – 10% of the conscious mind so the subconscious mind for many people is brand new.


Our human mind works at the conscious and subconscious levels; the superconscious level is known to few experts and awakened yogis. As we know, the conscious mind is operated as per our thinking. In simple words, we are the driver of our conscious mind. The subconscious mind is the creative or primal mind; it is the seat of emotions, wisdom, and spiritual intelligence. Whatever affects us deeply leaves its imprints in the subconscious mind. In one way, our subconscious mind is like an emotional sponge – absorbing the by-products of the conscious mind.

So, if we think positively, our subconscious mind will ingrain positivity and harvest harmonious, constructive, and positive vibes. Whatever you claim mentally, the subconscious mind will accept and bring forth into the experience.

Our mind is made of the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and superconscious mind. We are acquainted only with the conscious part of our brain structure as it represents our present – the happenings in our life. The subconscious is tuned to attract our future and the superconscious mind is operating from the past.


Your subconscious mind governs not only you but even your conscious mind with or without your knowledge. The conscious mind is related to our actions and the unconscious mind with both actions and reactions. At times even we are not in control of these actions. The ways computers are linked to each other through networking mode, our subconscious mind is connected to the infinite source of universal energy or cosmic light explained in mythology. Our subconscious mind is a gateway to higher supremacy and we need to introspect the functioning of our subconscious mind to enhance our wisdom. The Law of attraction, the most popular universal law is applied with the powers and thoughts of the Subconscious mind in alignment with the conscious mind. 

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

– Napoleon Hill

There are no measurable limits to explain what our entire subconscious mind can do for us. You should browse the internet to read articles, books that instruct you how to use this powerhouse for our good benefit.  Meditation, realization, self–discovery, arts is some of the effective training techniques for communicating with our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind can be the best companion for our life journey. If our efforts manage to unlock the incredible powers hidden in the subconscious mind, then our ESP, psychic, telekinesis strength, telepathic skills gradually open up. There are more than 100 types of psychic skills in paranormal science but only 20 are major psychic powers that can be developed only through mind power and awakening of mental energy.

The powerhouse is full of unlimited possibilities and potential. If we learn to develop this vast storage of energy for our benefits, believe me, we will conquer endless, unimaginable limits that can surpass history.


The superconscious mind knows our journey from its very inception as a single-cell organism and has all the information pertaining to our evolution from cell to bacteria to multicell to possibly fungi, plants, trees, fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, mammal, animal, and eventually human. So, it is now clear that the superconscious mind is really the divine intelligence but it is hidden beneath the consciousness and is eclipsed by the conscious mind. The superconscious mind receives a brain-software upgrade, each life we pass through a life junction.

“The superconscious mind encompasses a level of awareness that sees, connects, and taps into the universal energy and supreme consciousness. Some refer to this as the “ether” – the essence of Shiva (a concept from Sanatan Dharma) – a flow of electromagnetic waves that permeate all matter and space.”


Alignment is a state of mind. It is very important for all of us to unleash our mind power by aligning the three mind levels to the maximum extent possible. The conscious mind is led by the sub-conscious mind and vice-a-versa. Even, a sub-conscious mind is deeply impacted by the negative thoughts of the conscious mind. In the process of interlinkage of the conscious and sub-conscious mind; the superconscious mind is hidden deep beneath the layers.

The first step in achieving this alignment is to acknowledge the presence of the superconscious mind. Yogic meditation and yogic pranayama are the ancient tools used to awaken the seven chakras or intelligence centers. Near-death experiences or recovering from a deadly disease or deep crisis are other instances in which we become aware of universal energy and begin to reevaluate ourselves. There is no standard formula to align the three minds that can work for every individual. Mind experts have suggested that each person should try some personal tool that can connect them to the supreme consciousness.

In the alignment process, we have to let go of past hurts or feelings and continuously clean the mind on a monthly or weekly basis. This is not an overnight job but can stretch to years or even a lifetime…

You need to reduce or eliminate the old empiricism, and material reality, and start the reprogramming of consciousness and the subconscious mind. To start connecting with the superconscious mind, first, connect with the Universe and feel the divine love pouring from every living being and breathing things. With every breath, open yourself to the descent of the Divine and align with the cosmic intelligence and infinite consciousness. Be receptive to the divine revelations and consume the divine love sent to you with gratitude. While aligning the three levels of our minds, it is imperative that our body and heart should also be a part of the co-creation process. The body should renew and refresh the seven senses with pure and clean energies and vibes. As our body processes and rhythms get aligned with our mind levels, we experience more intuitiveness and mindfulness.

Slowly, we can realize that a small byte of information from the superconscious brain is downloaded to the conscious brain and so on. This is the beginning and congrats if you have started connecting with your super-conscious brain. It is not an easy task.

If we read the great discoveries of scientists, it is based on intuition. They followed a logical process from A to B and then leaped from B to Z. The scientists then tried to explain the discovery rationally because they believed in the logic of the thoughts. Albert Einstein has made a discovery of the Theory of Relativity based on an intuitive flash and then, spent time explaining it logically to others. Such discoveries have ultimately emerged from the superconscious level and made the breakthrough.

Think about it, “Such is the burst of ideas, intuition, and intelligence if all the three levels of our mind are aligned on the same page.

Harshada Pathare

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