A Perfect Affair With Beautiful Nature

beautiful nature

The light, rising air that blows blushing the dark tresses of the night is mingled with a deep desire to revive love. As the dews of sweet sleep rain upon us, clouds and vapors disappear row by row provoking our senses to play. I find it hard to connect with the mysterious dots oozing with secrets and powers embedded in the big soul of nature.

Beautiful Nature  has the supreme power to understand the language of the soul, discover the deep, embedded secrets in the subconsciousness, and bring it out on the surface. The question that continues to bewilder is that there is no repetition or monotony in any of these discoveries. Every answer given by nature is unique to everyone. It is just like nature is sending free customized consultations to everyone. Beautiful Nature just doesn’t palm it off on me or mixes up any answers. Everything given by nature is so undiluted and genuine with a desire to heal. The number of given answers is as many as the number of questions by every living soul. In many moods of my mind, I wish if I could script these endless conversations as a guidebook for generations to read and interpret. But the very key highlight to all this is the unconditional love offered by nature wrapped in voraciousness, simplicity, and generosity.

From the very beginning of time, where the sky and earth welded together progressing deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness, it is there that nature’s thirst for romanticism, adventure, and discovery came out. Discovery of the unknown sparks wild embers of romanticism in the head and heart of nature. Its seems like a beautiful Nature, universal romanticist filled with youthful fire that has a zeal for overpowering love and inducing someone in the bonfire of overconsuming love flames.

Beautiful Nature  has a strong incapacity for evaluating anyone on grounds of rank, position, power, or Karma. It is always present to be at your side, at your hand, close to you in every chronicle of life, scorns every analysis or reasoning, continues the subtle art by which it contrives to make you feel loved and at home. This mesmerizing magic of nature constitutes to be one of the greatest charms of its romanticism. It is true love, that we get not so often.

Nature does not invent or innovate, it has the innate desire to give the best possible revelation to anyone who asks. A democratic heart throbbing with an all-embracing universal love and care, willing to relinquish it all on any living species wanting to cherish it.

Our power to relate to the signs and symbols of nature depends on our ability to connect in simplicity with nature. As we are distant from our city-life and step into our nature-life, a clear light flows into our mind and spirit wiping the presence of curtailed life of bricks and machines. Bathed in the luster of nature, breathing bliss through pores, we stand ready to clothe in waves, trees, mountains, skies, winds, and rays. To understand the axiom of nature, we need to feel the physical sense and spiritual significance of nature.

Beyond all the memorable fables, stories, allegories, the laws of nature shine brightly through it, astounding every genius mind that studied it. A life in harmony with nature is the best idea God had in his mind for us. Every scripture interprets the signs of nature before the catastrophe, like tremors depicted as a bad omen, or scanty rainfall expressing the anger of God creating a new domain of knowledge for study.

Let us look at nature with new eyes, a new perspective. It possesses all the answers to our mind-boggling questions. It is willing to create a home for you in its heart. Some assumed the home to be the heavens, some assumed it to be God, some assumed it to be their birth-place but for very few, it is nature mystically revealing wise discourses. 

We need not abandon our routines to run in the lap of nature, but find ways to connect with nature even while doing our routines. Just learn to walk rather than driving down everywhere, visit a park or countryside during the weekend, feel the chill wind rushing through the window, look at the canopies of green color rather than watching the nature sentimentalized by technology. Find the real connection in the depths of abundance instead of structured images, movies, or creations. Conceive the true joy of being with nature rather than grieving over some event of life, someone who never bothered to care for you.

Nature works in unison with the heavens and earth to create new forms of life and expressions for the living. What is common in heaven, earth and nature is the desire to create beauty and harmony. No reasons are known but it seems that they believe themselves to be the harbinger of eternal beauty and sustainable life.

We all descended from the stars, an extension of the divine powers born for a higher purpose. Let us not probe into our rights or wrongs, good karma or bad karma, but try to inaugurate a new beginning in our lives with a profound concern for goodness and truth. We are a part and particle of God, so let us behold something as pure and true as our soul.

In some good hours, let us understand this parable of moral truth that nature is imbued with a spiritual, moral, and romanticism side waiting to be explored.

Can you get more intimate with Beautiful  Nature ?

Harshada Pathare

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