I am a Goddess


I am an evolving Goddess learning how to play,

Awakening my powers to live boldly like waves

I mold my imagination to craft new manifestations,

No one else except experience is the best preceptor

I open my heart to express love and goodness,

Immerse the earth with streams of abundance and kindness

I may not be so beautiful to make hearts sizzle,

Yet my courage and enthusiasm set so many of them on fire

I know the value of gratitude and the power of positivity,

As these are the tools that make me stronger every day

I smile in pain and thrive to heal others with compassion,

For karma will answer they who have obstructed my way

I trust only my intuition and live in an authentic style,

Like fire, water, earth, sky, and ether, I am expanding,

My energy rises up like a whirlwind towards heavens

I am born to be a legend somewhere in the celestial heights

My terrestrial identity is made up of flesh, stardust and water,

Seeing me, even Goddess Venus feels she needs a little makeover

– Harshada Pathare

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