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This is an ancient legend/folklore that has been passed down through many generations and retold in many different versions.

The Muisca tribe was part of the big four tribes that lived deep in the Andes Mountains. Their civilization sat in what is now Colombia. The Muisca people were mainly into the mining business and had good knowledge about the minerals, elements, and precious stones found in the cavity of the earth. They had a special tradition to be followed when a new king rose to power.

The ceremony states that before an individual is allowed to become the tribe’s chief, they have to first spend a specific duration time in a cave, without salt products, and meditate in deep isolation. After that, the individual ventures to Lake Guatavita, to take part in the ceremony or the ceremonial process.

It is believed that during this ceremony the chief-to-be was covered in gold jewelry and dust; and stood on a raft, decorated with the tribe’s most attractive offerings of gemstones, golds, and diamonds. The raft was then pushed off from the shore to sail in Lake Guatavita. When the raft reached the middle of the lake, the joyous people threw offerings of gold coins, diamonds, and gemstones in the lake to appease the Water God. This symbolized a new rule being initiated and from there on the individual was proclaimed as king.

In the late 15th and 16th centuries, the Spanish explorers were so amazed by the truth in the story that it prompted them to further search for a city or village, where they believed the tribal gold existed beneath the land and water.

In 1545, they found Lake Guatavitá and drained it. Although they found some traces of gold the city of lost gold or EL DORADO was not found. EL DORADO is a Spanish word meaning – THE GOLD in English. Famous explorers like Gonzalo, Francisco, and Sir Walter continued the quest. The search for the lost city of El Dorado continued for years but explorers never gave up. Many others also spent years searching but they never discovered the city.


In the end, it was concluded that El Dorado, the city of untold riches, never existed. The land near Lake Guatavitá was found, but it did not contain the mythical riches that explorers sought.

This story delivers insightful thoughts

El-Dorado exists not outside but inside you.

The purpose of your life is to discover your strength – your own El-dorado.

Like a wild explorer, you need to discover your inner potential. You need to probe deep into your inner self and explore your abilities, strengths, & weakness to realize who you are and build on them.

Only you can discover yourself.

A wise man once said the richest place in the world is not a laboratory, museum, or library but GRAVEYARD – bcos because it has many unused ideas, potentials, and talents eroding in the dust.

Potential is a priceless treasure like gold. All of us have treasure hidden within, but we have to dig deep within to get it out. — So, start on your adventure to find your El-Dorado…

– Harshada Pathare

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