The Future Is Bright, Beautiful & Female

The future is female …

“Think equal: Generation Equality: Equal Pay: Future Female”; are the sensational words roaring in every corner, gripping the headlines of every land and echoing throughout the continents.

Around the fine lines of the world, women are on an elongated pursuit to explore their talents and challenge the status quo to create an extraordinary legacy.

She is determined to bring out herself in an innovative way.
God in his total omniscience, gifted upon the woman a womb to bear a child, curvy breasts to comfortably feed the baby, and a striking combination of physique, brain, intuition, power, and emotions to nurture and safeguard. There is no second doubt that she is equivalent to God and deserves respect and honor.

Beyond designing life, now she is involved in re-engineering the whole spectrum right from scratch. Women have learned to think, question, explore, design, and innovate not only in their lives but also in the standards of the communities where they thrive.

‘The future may not see one certain type of woman – a typical homemaker, an obedient daughter-in-law, or a good girl. She can be a bit messy, chaotic, fierce, funny, or even wild. However, deep inside, she will be the pure, compassionate, and loving soul she always was made to be.’

 Did these words sound; wonderful to you and or make you feel happy? Or did these lines ring in your ears like Devil’s Knell? Oh, is the smoke flaming out from your male ego? Or the beautiful song of freedom slipping from your tender, juicy lips? Please decide your side soon because it determines your space in the future.

 From the confines of a society that taught her to serve as a means to the end, to be a bigger picture of sacrifice, and silently endure the scars of pain, how will she erase the patriarchal messages, shout against the gender stereotypes and extend her life outside the four walls?

History has seen many significant rises and falls. For ages, few women have set an extraordinary trail; as an example, for the upcoming breed to follow. To name a few personalities like Rani Laxmibai, Marie Curie, Jane Addams, or historical characters like Draupadi, Cleopatra who scripted the biggest legends of centuries. But these are handpicked ones, and here we are talking about revolutionizing an entire women’s generation.

She melts like a wax’; can the same soft woman redesign herself to be more self-centered, self-loving and self-soothing? Beauty is not just enough. She is strikingly beautiful – almond eyes, high cheekbones, structured figure, gorgeous looks, tresses like a black storm, but does she know how to collide her brains and beauty to create a renaissance of change?

Physics matters; chemistry doesn’t suffice!


 Waves are surging up as women endowed with the enormous power of Moon energy leap high up in the hot air to create glittery showers. Fascinated by the shine, they emerge together as one big ocean, surfing the coast with multiple perspectives. Collaboration – is the tool for everything; knowing it, they collate data, frame insights, and challenge facts to spark the future with innovation and sustainability. The jumping embers of these democratic conversations or egalitarian synthesis are always louder than a singular voice.

Glorious generations of Eves remain buried deep down in the cantankerous dust under standard definitions. The crushed voices of our lost generations are lulling the earth in shrouding darkness. Millions wailed, and billions reaped their breath to plow the stereotypes, taboos, and traditions. Finally, we have learned the hard way and now represent our lost and powerful feminine origin with pride.

In the future, I visualize every woman wearing an unfettered cap of freedom, knowing she is powerful beyond measure. I can see the slides of the future projecting before me…

“It’s easy to be an astronaut, scientist, engineer, anyone, but it is tough to be fearless. So, women, please, first remove all the fear from your mind and then thrive.”


 I am a woman; see me through the original lens as a human being, infused with an infinite desire to live life to the fullest. Throughout eons, I have suffered to gain this freedom and expression. It makes me fall in love with life as I see a flower tenderly opening its petals, bees pollinating, birds mating in the lush green, a waterfall gushing down to feel the earth, and everything that has music to it. Be it the waning of the moon in the silence of the night or thunder rumbling to break the sky – I love both the noise and silence.

“In the future, let her soar high in the blue skies, without any sigh, let her collide with clouds and stars, 

to make water and stardust from her own hands.”


Just open to everything and anything – I don’t want to breathe in the inner shell like my female ancestors. I may be wrong or right but let me explore and discover it on my own. Instead of loading life with big textbooks, academic pressures, and future milestones, it would be a blessing to swing in the wind, dance on the grass, and smell the soil without the fear of dirt. Let me create my authentic heritage to inspire archaeologists that look for something in the deep ruins.

“There is simply no pretending… I am what I am.”


If in the Dwaparyuga (the third out of four yugas as described in the ancient scriptures of Hinduism), Radha could dare to live with such boldness and freedom, then what is stopping us?

The life of Radha unfolds many stories, few known and few unknown, about her love, her devotion, her craze, and her never-dying passion for expression. Her life shows us a kaleidoscopic view of the patterned universe in an infinite and patternless form. She has learned the trick to immerse the entire universe in love. The stories of Radha still tread on the earth, teaching us to be connected with divine love. She knows that focusing on a single vision will make life happy and fulfilled. Even after; Krishna left for Mathura, she continued to stand on the banks of the river Yamuna absorbing the spirit of autumnal nights and drinking the stream of love and fulfillment. Radha is the true hero of her love story; she never discriminated between the journey and the destination. She scrubbed the thin lines of joy and sadness, the blurring outlines of a patriarchal society, the boundaries of age and social norms, and still, she is extraordinary in every sense. Everything else is insignificant as their love is contexted in a higher outlook.

“Would society admire Radha to this extent; if her love had been for any other man, other than Krishna?”

Being Radha is the first of its kind, a flamboyant character symbolized in prose, poetry, and rhythm. She got so bold in love that she pushed all the lines of an orthodox and traditional society. Yet, people worship the beautiful and pure light kindled by her virgin body and spirit. On the contrary, still in most places, honor killing exists even today knowing that the girl is at no fault. Isn’t it so paradoxical? How many of us thought about the survival challenges faced by the transgender community, sex workers, and other oppressed beings during the denomination crisis or Coronavirus outbreak? Somewhere someone is worshipped, and somewhere someone is abandoned to the outskirts. It sounds just not so rational.

Let not her choices pigeonhole her as a good or a bad woman. She may be a sinner a few times, maybe generous sometimes, or a bit weird, but don’t judge her by the fragments. These bits and pieces of today will frame her as a complete image. If you see the woman of today, yesterday, and the future, the common thread is the essence and desire to express. Why not collaborate instead of living life on an individual and household front, helping each other to create success stories?

New ideas and interpretations are hitting the newsstands, media boxes, and commercials every day. The tide is turning as the feminine energy waxes, radiating her light in the darkness. But still, we need more female contenders to write ‘HER’ stories in a unique style that blends the fluid flow of freedom and expression.


Now, we will be living in a world of hyperbole and personification where freedom will be the next global aesthetic wear for women.




I see the woman in the future – totally fearless and bold in expression and desires. She embraces her wishes and dreams with open arms, smelling the rose of life without the fear of thorns. Let the future uncover the woman as art and a source of power.

Image Credit (macrovector / Freepik)

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