Jhumkha is a type of jewellery with a creative expression of innate life experiences, and they continue to portray ethnic and traditional vibrancy through their unique craft. In India, traditional jewelry exists as a living tradition immortalizing our rich heritage and cultural trends. The uniqueness and charisma of these eternal jewellery have beautified our memories and moments for ages.


I breathed the cool evening air and scrolled through my phone, waiting for the train to get running.

It was another busy day!

I started updating the calendar on my phone, ignoring the background noise. After some time, when the train started moving, I walked to the compartment door to inhale fresh air. I turned around to sit down on an empty seat when my gaze fell on something.

I saw a glistening piece of pearl-studded jhumkha lying on the floor of the train compartment. It had fallen off from someone’s ear lobes. I watched it closely and noticed the lever back that passed through the pierced ear-lobe had bent askew.

So, this is how the jhumkha had parted from its owner and was weary of lying alone, remembering the past days.

Women have experienced infinite energy and creativity after adorning the jewellery befitting their feminine physique. The impulse to adorn oneself in ornaments stems from the universal calling that gratifies our human spirit. In our Indian culture, everything embroidered with jewellery and poetry is an image of perfect and pure beauty. Though jewellery is associated with aristocracy, it naturally conveys richness and completeness in a subtle rhyme.

Jewellery that marks every auspicious occasion of life with designs and symbols is an unforgettable articulation of emotions. The grandeur of the jewellery evokes a deep springing – full of love, spiritual turn-around, and emotional healing.

Even though I love diamond studs, I still find the dome-shaped earring with a distinct motif on the top and a dangling flowing down rather twirly and fun. These super stylish jhumkhis that personify your image with an extra charm are striking in every sense. The origin of jhumkhas dates back to the ancient temple statues from the Chola dynasty.

The word ‘jhumkha’ evokes in your mind a picture of a traditional bell-shaped earring that pronounces a distinctive jingle with its suspended beads or dangling at the slightest movement. Temple jewellery of its own kind – Jhumkhas came into the spotlight in contemporary times due to the patronage of Bharatnatyam dancers. Dance is a form of movement and fluidity, and in Bharatnatyam, there is a lot of emphasis on facial expressions and neck movements. No other type of earring except Jhumkha earrings brilliantly pairs with the dancer, moving with the same swirls and notions to create an impactful performance.

Why only the dancers? The bell-shaped design is customizable according to each wearer’s fancy or signature style. You can crust it with gemstone, gold, platinum, diamond, or an oxidized dome. Also, it could be molded in any shape, pattern, or design to bring out any significant feature.

This piece of jewellery not only promises an alluring impact but has seamlessly blended into the changing culture with a unique twist to retain its original aesthetic.

The pearl-studded jhumkha was pondering over if its life was over. If someone caring would pick it up and do a minor surgical repair. It looked up at the sky with tears thinking about its partner, bit by bit. I could hear the sorrowful tingling in its breathing that something horrible was about to happen. I would die by being crushed down or falling from the moving train at any moment. The pearl was as quiet as it was in the womb of an oyster, and the dangling hardly swirled.

For the last moments, the jhumkha closed its eyes to see the face of its owner. The unfolding of the lips into a crescent smile when she delicately lifted it. The twinkle in the eyes when the jhumkha swayed in the air. The jhumkha loved when raindrops fell upon them to give them a natural bath. The silent adoration of someone in the distance when she wore them and walked in style. She will never know those glances, whispers of rose, and silent songs sung by many hearts.

As she danced to the beats of rhythm, the jhumkha also, performed its Bharatnatyam with grace and felt flattered when the applause got louder.

The pain about leaving that life. The sorrow of not being able to see its twin partner. The emotions that it will never see the face of its wearer again. The perfect jhumkha was now breathing rapidly remembering its cascading sway. The pearls became sweaty with fear thinking and praying for a new lease of life.

It was anticipating its future…or end…

Guess; everything here has a timeline be it a living thing or an energy being or just a charming little thing

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