One Big Sea of Energy – Connection Strings


One Big Sea of Energy – Connection Strings

“For all of us, there is a home in the cosmos – The Thought Universe.

The rent we need to pay is only enrichment of our thoughts and connections.”

We fall from the infinite meadows of heaven as a potential contributor to life on the earth. Slowly as we settle down, the complexities of life prepare us for a steady expansion to be more existential and meaningful in our living. We start connecting with the energies around us and immerse in the big sea of infinite energies.

The myth says,

“We are born empty, we shall leave empty.” Yes, we all agree to the popular myth without any difference of opinions. But the universe is formed of numerous galaxies; countless dazzling stars, revolving planets that care for us. With their own delicate hands, billions of stars from the deep blue sky weave for us beautiful connection strings invisible to our eyes. The attached strings float down from the vast cosmos to the mind of each individual being on the earth. As we begin to explore our living on the earth the connection strings as the invisible angels administer our further footsteps.

These fascinating celestial beings of the infinite blue heaven are the procreators of human life as they enhance and endow the innate mental and psychic powers within us. The human mind is connected to the universal mind of the divine cosmos. The invisible strings are the connectors of divine prowess to the accommodating dust linking us to the all-pervading cosmological plane. The universal mind is a big vast ocean that needs to be churned to awaken the concealed strength and develop our higher knowledge.

The universal mind interlinks all the human minds together to form a wonderful world wide web that is in constant interaction with each other through contagious thoughts, close communication, physical contact, and mental interaction.  In the infinite sea of immense mysteries and knowledge, the thoughts are passed on from neuron-filled mind to another mind combining to be a component of the gargantuan hologram. As the flowing thoughts pass on from one edge to another edge of the shore, minds blend to combine, hearts connect with hearts, a beautiful network of relations are formed, the cosmos creates a unique web design on the earth joining minds and souls.

This cosmic design when looked down from blue heights is in the pattern of an interwoven web resembling a spider’s home. All living beings on the earth irrespective of their origin, class, creed, language sum up to be a part of the world web tangled with each other; inseparable and merged to be an equivalent owner of the galactic formation. The human mind linked to the universal mind has free access to an endless sea of knowledge, unlimited potential to accomplish any task, pure creativity that absorbs the human mind in the absolute creation, as we are deeply submerged into the web of universal connection for infinity we evolve as a most potent energy wave causing sparkled ripples in the universe.

We have a brilliant opportunity to transform, change, mold a piece of the universe in our sculpture, craft our unique design on the infinite canvas, hold our thoughts in the ocean of universal consciousness, find ourselves as a small powerful atom in the infinite dark blue space.

I want to continue to be that strong connection, to breathe as that small atom of the colossal making a remarkable difference engraving my proud emblem on the crest of the immortal universe.

Harshada Pathare

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