Lover of a Broken Heart


Lover of a Broken Heart

Your broken heart for me,

Is a unique piece of art

The most beautiful thing,

That opened my eyes to wonder

As I rolled the kaleidoscope,

To see amazing colors and designs

Creatively made by the gleaming glints,

Of your shattered and torn parts

Your heart is so filled,

With love and feelings of affection

Give it to someone who knows,

 It is a treasure and not trash

How could someone throw it?

To break into a million pieces

Did the loud noise not shake?

The space to create another Big Bang?

Did the sobs and heart-breaking pain,

Not pierce the stillness of silent nights?

Did the universe turn so deaf to ignore it?

And spread out the flashy stars to light skies

I want to pull you out of the darkness to glow,

May be it would need lots of time and efforts But I am willing to heal your darkest depths,

And stitch your heart again with beautiful threads

I am an artist in love with fragments and pieces,

Allow me to create the most beautiful mosaic design

I’ll patch my cracks with olden tales and songs,

What pieces that remain I’ll rearrange to let in the sun

Harshada Pathare

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