Amore Infinito : Love That Touches Your Inner Core

Amore Infinito

When the tragedies of life and your frightened senses seem overwhelming, walk out towards wildness and feel the presence of unconditional love around you. Hear the inaudible sound of nature, the roaring of the sea and trembling of a leaf, everything that shows you the infinitude… the omnipresence of love. As your heart syncs with the beat of nature; you will feel an expansion within yourself.

Trust the overflowing love sent by the stars, planets, and constellations that merges you with the Universe. Slowly and softly, the inner love refreshes as the eternal sunrise, undying sunset, gloaming skies, surging oceans, shifting continents, each turn by turn, rollover to embrace you in their infinite arms.


Initially, Universe is the womb that nurtures and creates your origin. Then, it becomes the mother that unconditionally loved you and the father that supported you. The whole surrounding is the holding environment that molded your growth in life. It is the love of the Universe that doesn’t let you fall but inspires you to fly in the open air. 

Your heart explodes into a thousand pieces as Nature scripts lines of feelings through the twangy leaves or quivering petals or the wispy cirrus clouds floating in the azure sky. As you walk through the snow-fallen trails every night to talk to the moon, you realize how petty ambitions are in the presence of the great elemental forces. The red rim of the sun inspires us to not only make hay but to unlock our potential in an enriching way. Nature is the calligraphy created by the Universe, and love seals the magnifying bond. In the murmuring of atoms, raining of the skies, I held the moments of calm inside me. I breathed the infinite silence and love as my pace slowed to delight, my soul.

I offered everlasting musings to the dusky nature as the singing stars became envious of our full glory. Seeing the closed nature awaken from her hardened shell, I discovered the recipe of eternal art. I have within my veins the creative power to rewrite winters and rough weather. Strolling in the glowing woods, I have discovered the divine ambrosia that never exhausts the drinker. No one has the power to control nature. We can only obey her commands, and something is gratifying about this dominance. Time is an abstract term to define or measure any process of nature. The formation and functioning of nature are interconnected – this is a metaphysics concept. Sunset connects to sunrise; blossoming connects to withering; seasons flow in a gap of interval. So, connection and interconnection are the keys to the secrets of nature and the Universe. 

There is beauty in seeing how intricately sunlight compresses juicy grapes into liquid wine. The astonishing journey of a brown stem into a bloom of colorful innocence. The skill employed by nature to convert small enzymes and minuscule atoms into breathing things in million years. Nature works best in her pace – patience is her true power.

As we strengthen our alignment with nature, the Universe responds by sending ‘divine winks’ to guide our inner system. Going beyond the astral bridges; the truth draws upon us that we are an infinitesimal part of the Universe. 

We are the souls. Yes, raw souls whose umbilicus has never been cut from the womb of the universe, even now, we are consuming the milky juice of nature.

We are and will always be an extension of the Universe. From now onwards, whenever you look at the sky, it will seem more familiar than ever before. Perhaps, Universe is eager to peel off one of your inner layers and connect with you on a deeper note.

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