You matter more!

You matter more

“In the infinite universe filled with infinite living beings, the human race is looked upon as a torch-bearer of survival. It is the power of intelligence that makes us different from other species and hence, much emphasis is given to knowledge. But the very fact, that among the millions of cells you have taken birth as a human and can transform the world with your values, or power is worth acknowledging. In this vast, big, endless, expanding universe you have an existence of your own.”

We are born in a dispensable world where great achievements are engraved in books of historical accomplishments and ordinary merits wither away. This undeniable truth of the world should never make you feel insignificant or unwanted. You are what you are and no one has the authority to demean you without your approval.

“You have the power to give a ripple effect to the world!”

Don’t let the destructive weapon of comparison steal your confidence.  If you‘re strong enough, ignore them until they realize that you don’t want to be compared to someone else. Sometimes, it makes you a bit envious or nervous, or insecure but doesn’t let it ruin your happiness. Don’t let the standard stereotypes or common parameters impact your sense of self-worth. Do a SWOT analysis, find your strengths, improve your weakness and turn it into a self-esteem booster.

“Comparison with others is like rape to your self-esteem. So, please stop it.”

In big cities, we are often amazed by the big, massive and efficient infrastructure that makes our journey quick. However, the journey of life is made up of small steps that can create significant or smaller impacts. What makes life enriching is not only the big things but small moments and memories that radiate from inside out. There is nothing more powerful than self-love. It sounds absurd but loving yourself, soothing yourself in the embrace of nature, and healing yourselves for the mistakes you have done is not a selfish act. You are worth your love. If you cannot love yourself, how will you love anyone else? Water your wounded self with your own love and it will render a joie de vivre spirit that will create a lively version of yourself.

Don’t live limited when life shows you endless possibilities and ways to explore. Let me share with you the secret of strength – ‘Unleash your potential’, and this is the reason that the Sun has the power to light up the darkness. Explore yourself and set the whirlwind inside you free to stir the surroundings. Think beyond Superman, Spiderman, or Batman. Here, you are the Superhero in your unique style.

Everyone has this pressure in our society to look beautiful, earn big figures, and live a life well-guarded by stereotypes and norms. Put, don’t do that, please be original and not an imitation. Later on, these suits, makeup, cosmetics, faking, and disguise, will add to your anxiety and nerve pressure create an impulse to drink or drug.

You are beautiful in your own way. You are intelligent with your wisdom streaks that are loaded with tons of experiences. You are strong because you are here in a human form surviving amongst the survival race of infinite cells. One day, try waking out of the bed with the feeling that you are a winner and see the quantum of energy exploding from you.

So, now you know it. You are beautiful if you love and respect yourself because that kind of love glows through the pores of your skin radiating happiness. You are intelligent if you care for not only humans but even birds and animals that cannot speak out their pain. You are great if you know the journey never ends even here…

The choice is yours – do you want to love yourself or be controlled by any narcissists, sociopaths, orthodox, and common people.

For me, life is all about self-love. To be a part of the creative revolution where the hearts of real people know living is loving yourself. It is people like them, like us, and like all of us, that will change the status quo and recreate a leaner and simpler world that emphasizes happy living.

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